Dylan's Animal Kingdom Nursery

Brought to us by SISSY+MARLEY is a nursery that has a new spin on an animal-themed nursery. Dylan’s nursery features neutral colors like grey, brown, and tan but also has fun pops of bright orange to spice things up a bit! With all of his furry animal friends around, Dylan is sure to go wild over his nature-themed nursery.

photo copy

Dylan_018A-LowIt is easy to section off the room with so many angles built in! There’s a reading nook that is great for storage as well as this book shelf that is both fun and functional and pairs perfectly with the modern crib.


DylanThis bookshelf holds many treats for Dylan, including the zoo wooden shape sorter.

Dylan The subtle touches of the adorable stump stool/table and both the lion and cloud pillows help round out the nature/animal theme in the room.

photo copy 3Dylan will get an early start on reading and writing with all of the letters and books around his nursery!


The Giraffe Rain Wallpaper adds a subtle pattern throughout the entire room and is the perfect backdrop for this space.photo copy 2This space truly brings the outside world into this nursery. Being surrounded by giraffes, elephants, lions and owls is sure to spark Dylan’s imagination!


Interior Design: SISSY+MARLEY

Photography: Marco Ricca

Wallpaper: SISSY+MARLEY available at Rosenberry Rooms

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