Creating a Multifunctional Room

Quite often, rooms in our homes have to perform double (or triple) duty. Guest bedrooms are also offices. Living rooms transform into playrooms. Kitchens are study spaces for homework hour. In these rooms, versatility is key. So how do you design a space that can allow you and your family to perform these tasks comfortably and functionally?

We recently had someone who needed help designing a nursery/office/guest room. Here are some tips and an inspiration board we came up with for creating a multifunctional room.


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Use furniture that has multiple uses. Pull-out sofas are crucial for an office that doubles as a guest bedroom, especially when space is tight. Or instead of a nightstand that will rarely be used in a guest bedroom, use a small scale desk or vanity next to the bed.

Consider using a daybed. Not only are daybeds lovely, they are also practical as they can accommodate overnight guests or impromptu naps in the nursery. Plus, many daybeds have the option for an under-bed trundle to accommodate even more sleepover guests or storage!

Don’t skimp on storage. The last thing you will want to do after a long day in your home office is stare at those papers and projects. Try to find furniture that has lots of built-in storage, like a desk with a hutch or plenty of filing drawers. Bookshelves, armoires, and free-standing closets are all great options.

Try to stick with a neutral color palette. While your Aunt Sue may love your baby boy’s race car theme nursery, it doesn’t exactly make for the most soothing guest bedroom. When the hues in the room are soft and neutral, it allows a multifunctional room to be more comfortable and relaxing.

What kind of multifunctional rooms do you have in your house? What are your tips and tricks?

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