Versatile Lighting from Jubilee Collection

Blog-JubileeAdorable, unique, and glamorous are a few words that describe our Jubilee lighting collection! Whether you are looking to add a statement piece to your new nursery or add visual interest to any room, this collection has it all.

Our first inspiration is inspired by the Pink Plain Chandelier Shade with Ivory Sash which is an instant statement piece in any nursery. It is easy to get carried away with glitz and glam just by seeing the word chandelier, but there is also a subtle way to decorate a room using this lighting fixture. Keeping the color palette soft with a pink heart rug, and delicate features like the antique finish on this oval mirror tones down the glam vibe while still keeping it feminine. Additional aspects of royalty can be accomplished with large pieces of furniture, like this canopy crib. The end result is a space that carries qualities of both ease and glam without over doing it.


Our second inspiration comes from the Six Arm Yellow Red Gazebo chandelier. The flower motif and warm yellow, red and copper tones crave a fun and colorful space filled with plants and moments of natural light. The green pouf, yellow stool/table and copper burst mirror are all pieces that add visual interest to this quirky space. The elements make a statement that collectively says, “Hey! We’re eclectic and we love it!”. Proof that versatility in using chandeliers is possible!


RR_JublieeBoard2The Jubilee Collection carries various styles of chandeliers, sconces, lamps and accessories that are created for glamorous and funky fun and are sure to light up any room!

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