Top 5 Nursery Trends for 2013!

There’s still room for chevron and tissue paper pom poms in nurseries, but we wanted to introduce a few newer trends we’re excited about for nursery and kids’ room design. We are sharing our top 5 favorite trends for 2013 as well as some wow-worthy examples to help inspire your creative spirit. Let us know in the comments below which trend you love the most or if there are any others worth noting!

Bold Wall(s) 

Whether you’re using wallpaper, stencils or stripes, a bold accent wall is the perfect way to amp up your nursery design. We’re seeing this trend used in so many different ways from hand-painted patterns on one accent wall to temporary wallpaper on all four walls. This fun trend is supposed to make a statement so don’t be afraid to go big!


bold wall 2

bold wall

bold wall 4


If you’re looking for that serious wow-factor, this is it. Whether you’re an amazing DIY-origami-maker or would rather just order them on Etsy, this unique trend is great for your little one’s growing imagination. Plus, it looks AH-mazing!

origami nursery

origami close up

Carnival Theme

This playful theme is rising in popularity for both nursery and kids’ room design. The great thing about it is that it’s so versatile in terms of its color palette. You can really choose any colors you’d like and it works for both girls and boys’ rooms.

carnival nursery

carnival 3


The ombre trend is for more than just cake decorating. Use it on your nursery walls, furniture or try it with the crib bedding! There are no limitations to this stylish look and it easily transitions to a big kid or teen room. This tutorial for DIY ombre wall is super helpful!

ombre nursery

ombre 2

Color Blocking

Using color blocking in the nursery makes playing with decor more exciting. You can break away from all the “everything must match” rules and just have fun with it. Do try and use complementary colors, though.

color blocking 2

color block nursery

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