Meet Kim of DENY Designs + A Giveaway Announcement!

DENY Designs is one of the newest additions to! We are so excited to offer this unique collection of bedding, wall art and bathroom decor that exudes fresh and fun style! We recently had the chance to interview one of the co-founders of DENY, Kim Nyhus. With a modern, think-outside-the-box perspective, Kim and her husband Dustin started DENY hoping that it would become a collection that allowed customers to play a part in the creation of their own pieces. They’ve scoured the art world to create an extensive gallery for customers to choose from and have printed on things like duvet covers, shower curtains, throw pillows and more! Check out our interview with Kim below to find out more about how DENY got started and their plans for future product innovation!

*PLUS: Be sure to check out the GIVEAWAY details below too! Enter to win one of DENY Designs‘ stylish throw pillows or shower curtains for your home!*

Kim Nyhus of DENY DesignsHow would you define the DENY Designs style philosophy?  

I’d classify our style as clean, modern, fun and vibrant!  We definitely do not shy away from color.

What inspired you to start DENY Designs?

It was a dream of Dustin and I’s. Dustin has a background in Industrial Design and Manufacturing and I come from the Marketing and Television Production worlds. So, together, it’s the perfect match. With a passion for the arts and furniture design, we launched the company with our staple product, the BlingBox. Over the past two years, we’ve expanded into textiles and wall art. We’re super excited at the response of the company and even more enthusiastic to see where we’re headed.

deny designs wall art

Why did you choose to offer custom bedding and decor?

There is this one moment that sticks out in my head. I went to my brother-in-law’s house and when I walked into the bathroom, he had the same shower curtain as I did. I don’t know why, but that was appalling to me. We knew we had to offer people different options than what is available at every big box store. Décor is an expression of your personality, so it should be unique and tell your story. I feel like that’s where DENY prospers.

floral shower curtain

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

My focus at DENY is on PR & Marketing, so I get giddy over some good press. Lately, we’ve been fortunate to be featured in some pretty amazing publications. It puts an extra bounce in my step.

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?

This is so hard!  How do you choose one design from over 3,000? But if you’re twisting my arm, I’d say that I’m really drawn to Heather Dutton’s Triangulum and Bianca Green’s Chevron Flora 1. Valentina Ramos rocks my world too!

HTS Triangulum

Valentina Ramos Garden Duvet

What sets DENY Designs apart from others designers in your industry?

First and foremost, it’s our relationship with our artists. When you buy from DENY, you support art communities from all over the world. We’re offering fun, inspiring pieces that all have a story behind them and they’re unique to each customer, as we don’t print the product until you order it. Also, we dye the fibers of the fabric instead of doing a traditional direct print, which means that you can wash all of our soft goods in the washer machine and they won’t fade!

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

2012 was a year of perfecting the quality of our product lines. 2013 is all about product development and we couldn’t be more excited! You’ll be seeing more introductions to the home office line that will knock your socks off!

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food – I’m Italian, so it’s pasta, pasta, pasta for me…especially gnocchi!

Favorite TV Show – I’m a big fan of “Girls” and “Mad Men”. And don’t tell anyone, but I’m completely addicted to The Bachelor. Next up on the TV list: starting Downton Abbey.

Favorite Movie – The Notebook does it for me. Total chick flick, but I love it and cry every single time.

Favorite Weekend Activity – Dustin and I have twin 3 year-old boys, so most of our weekends are spent hanging out with them.  We really enjoy going to the mountains and getting some good quality time in, especially since our week days are filled with pure craziness. If I can get a little book reading and sunshine in too (even better if I’m actually reading while in the sunshine), I’m a happy camper.

Favorite Band – My musical tastes are all over the board. My old school favorite is Counting Crows. Lately, I’m into Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers and all things country (don’t judge…I went to school at SMU in Dallas and it completely grew on me)


Enter to WIN a throw pillow or shower curtain of your choice by DENY Designs! Contest ends April 15th. Winner will be selected using a random number generator and announced on our Facebook page and in the comments below. Entry details are below!

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  4. Holly B says:

    I love the cheerful colors!

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    Absolutely LOVE Deny. Can’t wait to order my new duvet.

  6. Wow, as a designer myself, it’s always fun and inspiring to see small business take off and do so well! Bravo to DENY!

  7. I love the amazing patterns and colors I see at DENY- being a designer myself I see these wonderful designs and just melt, this is my happy place! I love how the products are made to order- no waste, all want…love it!

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    I love the bright colors and vivid designs.

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