In My Diaper Bag with Katy of Caden Lane!

In our newest edition of “What’s In My Diaper Bag”, we decided to branch out and ask other Moms about their diaper bag essentials! Today’s list of diaper bag must-haves comes to us from Katy Mimari, founder and designer of the Caden Lane collection of baby and kids bedding, decor and gifts! You might remember our post showing her adorable Pink, Teal and Chevron Nursery for her youngest, Lila. As a mother of three, Katy has a lot of great insight into which necessities you can’t leave the house without. Be sure to check out the last one on her list…it’s sure to give you a little chuckle.

What's In My Diaper Bag with Katy Mimari

I had my third baby 5 months ago… you’d think that makes me a diaper bag pro, right? Wrong. I swear I still forget something every day! But here are my essentials that are ALWAYS in my bag…

1. Consuela Classic Tote – Zoe This is my bag of choice at the moment. It’s not really a diaper bag, but the entire bag is made with a plastic lined fabric, and you could spill a bottle of milk and pour a bucket of sand into it and it would STILL wipe clean! Best. Diaperbag. Ever.

2. iPhone and Monogram Case – And I can’t go anywhere without my iphone, which is currently dressed in my 3 favorite obsessions (pink and navy, chevron, and a monogram)!

3. Paisley Planner – Call me old school, but I like to carry around an actual day planner. There’s something rewarding about scratching off the to-do list as I accomplish it, and I can keep all of my kiddos birthday party invites in order!

4. Changing Pads – I use the disposable changing pads (there’s nothing more gross than putting a dirty changing pad BACK into your diaper bag)

5. Diaper Ointment – A few diapers, the disposable wipes pack… and my favorite diaper rash cream EVER. I swear this stuff works magic.

6. Pacifier – And multiple paci’s (at least one with bling on it – I have to, I’m from Texas)

7. Burp Cloths – I always have at least two burps cloths in my bag (my babies are all spitter-uppers), and my favorites are from our Limited Edition Collection – soooo super soft!

8. Swaddle Wraps – My favorite swaddle blanket (the bamboo is sooooo much better than the originals!)

9. Wine…for my sanity.  (Okay, this really isn’t in my diaper bag. But it should be!!!)

Do your diaper bag must-haves match up to Katy’s? If you have essentials you’d like to share with other moms, please leave a note in the comments below!

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