Peanut Butter and Jelly Playdate!

As a lifelong fan of a good PB&J sandwich, I’m super excited about today’s Extraordinary Events post from Paula at Frog Prince Paperie! She put together this adorable Peanut Butter and Jelly playdate complete with all the traditional (and some creative) ways to indulge in this popular combo. Enjoy!

pb and j playdate party

pbj playdate kids

Kids go together with peanut butter and jelly like two peas in a pod. What better way to pay tribute to this childhood staple than with a peanut butter and jelly playdate?

pb and j playdate table

We gathered up our friends and set out a peanut butter and jelly bar with all different kinds of nut butters, jams and spreads. I’ve never seen parents so happy to dig into a big jar of Nutella! We also themed our desserts to honor the peanut with peanut butter pie pops, chocolate peanut butter cups and my favorite, the pound cake that was made to look like a giant peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The sweets were tempered with some healthy fruit and veggie choices.

grape jelly and peanut butter

pb and j pies

peanut butter chocolate cups

peanut butter jelly cake

We like to be a bit “green” at our events, and since real serveware was out of the question we found bamboo plates and utensils for the kids to use. The milk bottles were also recyled and the kids got to choose from caraffes of chocolate, strawberry and plain milk to go with their sandwiches. With cute purple striped straws from Confetti Sunshine– it was pure bliss!

pb and j place setting

pb and j party milk

pb and j party glasses

Photography, Printables & Styling | Frog Prince Paperie

Burlap Wreath | Southern Belle’s Charm

Purple Striped Straws | Confetti Sunshine 

Fruit Crates | The Produce Place

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