Meet Vanessa of See Vanessa Craft!

I first found out about the blog See Vanessa Craft through Pinterest and this adorable pin for Goldfish Party Marshmallow Pops. How cute and clever are they?! After that, it was clear I needed to reach out to the creator, Vanessa Coppola, to feature these and many more of her creative crafts in our Creative Contributors category! Vanessa has a self-proclaimed obsession with crafting and what I love most about this broad passion is that she has so many amazing things to share! Everything from a vibrant goldfish birthday party to a DIY barn made from cardboard to jack-o-lantern mason jars! All of these cute ideas and many more can be found below as well as our interview with Vanessa where she shares some of her most memorable projects, who and what inspires her and more fun facts.


What inspired you to become a crafting expert and ultimately to found See Vanessa Craft?

I come from a long line of crafty people. My dad taught me how to paint and my grandma taught me how to sew. For as long as I can remember, I was always doing something crafty. I started See Vanessa Craft to help spread my love of glitter and glue guns to the world!

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

My favorite part of my day is receiving emails from my readers letting me know that I inspired them to do something crafty. The connections and friendships I’ve made is the most rewarding part of all of this.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

Take time for yourself. Even if it’s just an hour a day, try to find time to concentrate on just you. My “me time” is at the gym most nights and I’m lucky to have a family who encourages me to take that time for myself.

What is your most memorable craft project?

I don’t know if I can pick just one, so I’ll tell you about my most recent craft project. My 2 year old son is obsessed with farm animals at the moment, so I decided to turn a cardboard box into a barn. I loved how it turned out and my toddler thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world.

If you could create something for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Martha and Oprah, because they are amazing!

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

You can typically find me roaming the aisles of Michaels and Hobby Lobby when I’m in need of inspiration. Craft bloggers tend to start celebrating holidays a few months in advance, and it helps that all of the Halloween stuff is out in August!

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in Spain during undergrad and absolutely fell in love with the country and culture.

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

I would actually love to return to Spain with my family and see the rest of Europe.

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

If you’ve seen my son’s nursery, you know that I have a little thing for woodland creatures. The woodland fabric wall decals would look amazing in there!

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

Yes! I’m super excited to be working on my first craft book. More details coming soon. I recently started writing for and I’m excited to share my crafty party ideas there!

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food: Coffee Ice Cream!

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls reruns

Favorite Movie: Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Dirty Dancing

Favorite Weekend Activity: Hanging with my family and crafting (of course)

Favorite Musician/Band: Dave Matthews Band

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