What's In My Diaper Bag with Kelli!

Today we are going behind the scenes with Mama of 1 (and a 2nd due in February), Kelli, Customer Service and Sales Manager for Rosenberry Rooms! Kelli is sharing with us a few of her diaper bag essentials; her must haves that ensure she is prepared while on the go with her adorable little one. We are currently running an office poll for what we think baby #2’s name (a girl) should be. If you have any fun ideas, leave them in the comments below and tell us, are any of Kelli’s must haves similar to yours?

1. Bleeker Diaper Bag in Gray – I love this bag for many reasons! It was given to me as a gift from one of my dearest friends, and it’s spacious with lots of pockets for storage. It also comes with a changing pad and can double as a purse in my opinion. I love that I was able to use it with my first born (son) and will be using it again with my second (baby girl, due in February!)

2. Tums – Am I the only one that’s experienced severe heartburn with both pregnancies!? I eat Tums like they are candy so they are a must wherever I go. Bonus because they taste good and add an extra source of calcium!

3. Accessory for Mommy – Since scarf season has arrived, I would suggest a trendy scarf that can be tied around your diaper bag strap if it won’t fit in the bag and will come in handy for any spill cover ups you might need to make…

4. Entertainment – Let’s be honest, sometimes you have to get creative depending on where you’re at and the mood your child is in. This Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy always seemed to entertain and soothe Mason when he was younger.  It lights up and plays music and can easily attach to the car seat handle if necessary!

5. A small bag to store Mommy’s essentials – Especially when we’re on the go, I find it helpful to have my “essentials” (chap stick, hand sanitizer, mirror to make sure I don’t have oatmeal stuck in my hair!) in a separate baggy so it’s handy and easy to grab when I need it.

6. Extra set of clothes – I always have a couple extra onesies in my diaper bag just in case. You can never have too many of them!

7. Cozy Blanket – Blankets are a must for multiple reasons but for Mason it’s his comfort item. I don’t know what would happen if we went somewhere and left it at home and it MUST be the one he’s attached to, not just any blanket will do!

8. Snacks – My (almost 2 year old) son will eat just about anything but the popular Yogurt Melts from Gerber Graduates have been a favorite of his for as long as I can remember!

9. Baby Sling – With a spacious enough diaper bag, hopefully you can find room for a baby sling or some type of baby carrier to give your arms a break on those (rare!) trips to the mall or long errands. I love the padded, adjustable strap on this sling, and the trendy patterns it is available in.

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