Meet Heather of Chickabug!

Chickabug specializes in high-quality paper goods and easy-to-use DIY printables for parties. Owner, Heather Dalton started out as a graphic designer and art director and even though she loved working for “big name” clients, she realized quickly that her true passion was to create things that really meant something to someone and this remains her favorite part about her job. Heather’s designs focus on the little details that truly make your parties special and with over 50 party themes to choose from, you are sure to find some great inspiration! Learn more about Heather and Chickabug and go behind the scenes at some of her adorable events!

What inspired you to found Chickabug?

I’ve been working as a graphic designer since 2000, and I’ve always loved designing invitations for friends’ parties. A few years back, I put a few invitations up for sale on Etsy, thinking that working directly with Etsy customers here and there would be a nice side project in addition to my regular job. But word spread, I kept designing more and more products, and before long, Chickabug grew into my full-time job (and then some)! I’ve been working for myself for two years now and recently hired my first full time employee.

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

My absolute favorite thing is to hear good feedback from customers. I’ll admit it… I’ve cried happy tears dozens of times! When someone says that they put my invitation in their baby’s scrapbook or framed it for their child’s room, that gets me every time. And I once had someone tell me that working on her daughter’s order with me made her feel like she was party-planning with her best friend. That really stuck with me.

What is your most memorable party design project?

My first “big” party was an Under the Sea theme party, where my customer (and now friend!) Karen planned tons of theme-specific details and food. Since I came into this business as a designer rather than as an event planner, it was a huge learning experience for me to see what customers want and need. Karen really opened my eyes as to how elaborate theme parties can be! Since then, all of my most favorite party design projects have been ones where I work closely with a customer. It’s the best way to come up with new products and ideas, I think.

If you could design a theme for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Bethenny Frankel. I love her! She’s the perfect mix of down-to-earth and totally OCD over details – the same as me. And she’s so chic! I think we’d get along perfectly. If she ever called me to design for her daughter Bryn I’d be all over that.

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

The London Olympics, which went on right around the time that Courtney of Courtney Adams Design and I were working on London-themed birthday party for her son. Courtney is an amazing stylist and we had so much fun playing around with British puns while working on the designs for the party.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

I absolutely adored Hawaii. I’ve never seen any place quite as beautiful, and I loved everything everything about it – the scenery, the beaches, the flowers and palm trees, the tropical fruit, the heat… it’s my kind of place.

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

There are too many destinations on my list to even narrow it down! I’m planning on taking a tropical vacation over the winter (I’m such a warm-weather person!) – maybe to the Caribbean. For a cultural trip I’d love to go to Paris and London to see the great art museums.

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

I love, love the Dog Art Print Framed in Vintage Wood by Sugarboo Designs. The illustration is so whimsical and sweet, and the text in the background is just amazing. It’s what every child – and adult – should know.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

I’m looking forward to releasing the next free printable I’m designing for HowDoesShe. I design all of the free printables that HowDoesShe gives away to their newsletter subscribers – which is over 100,000 people and counting! It’s so much fun to design something for such a large audience and to hear positive feedback when people like it.

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food – Fresh fruit of all kinds, and coconut butter. (If you haven’t had coconut butter, you must try it!)

Favorite TV Show – TV is my guilty pleasure, can I pick more than one? Parks & Rec, Mad Men and just about any reality junkola on Bravo.

Favorite MovieWhite Christmas.

Favorite Weekend Activity – Yoga. It clears my head and makes up for sitting at a desk all the time.

Favorite Musician/Band – Anything you can dance to, like the music they play at Zumba class. I can’t help but love it, it’s so fun!

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