What's In My Diaper Bag with Anna!

Anna, one of our fabulous Customer Care team members, gave birth to her first child, a baby girl in May of last year. Little Abbie has made a few appearances in the office and she is always a welcome break from the day. She is such a happy little baby with some of the cutest cheeks I’ve ever seen. New mama Anna is always on the go which means her diaper bag needs to be packed and ready with all the essentials her and Abbie might need wherever they go. She shared with us a few of the everyday must haves that keep her feeling prepared for anything…and with a 16 month old, she needs to be just that!

1. Cloth Diapers – I use these as burp cloths/spill picker uppers.  They are super absorbent and I always carry extra.

2. Ponytail holders – I usually always have one on my wrist, but I always have extra just in case I lose one. These hair ties by Emi-Jay are both colorful and fun and a portion of the proceeds go to charity.

3. On the Night You Were Born – This was my daughter’s first book and I read it to her every night. It calms her down and is a must for long car rides.

4. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Bare it All – Keeps my lips soft and is a great neutral that I can wear even without wearing makeup.  It’s also great for a budget conscience Mommy like me.

5. Baby Blanket – I always have a small blanket with me.  It can be used to keep baby warm and can double as a play mat.

6. Snacks for Baby – I always have some kind of snack for my little one…especially if we are at a restaurant and have to wait to be seated.

7. Changing Pad and small Diaper sack – Timi and Leslie bags come with both of these items. The changing pad is great for changing on the go and the diaper sack is super useful in situations where you cannot throw away the diaper…like an emergency stop on the side of the road.

8. Boogie Wipes – I won’t go into details but these are a must!

9. Piper Tate Body Lotion – I am constantly washing hands and using hand sanitizer, so lotion is a must.  I LOVE how this one smells!

10. A happy picture of my child – To remind me of the sweet little angel I have when she is having one of her temper tantrums 😉

So tell us, what are your diaper bag essentials? Is there something you absolutely cannot leave the house without?

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