Meet Christi of Love From The Oven!

What better way to start off a Monday morning than with delicious sweets and treats from Love From the Oven? I’m drooling just writing this post. Christi Johnstone, the founder of Love From the Oven says she LOVES to bake and hates to cook…which works out perfectly for dessert lovers like myself. I visit her blog multiple times a week to check in on her latest mouthwatering creation and am never disappointed. It also makes for some great Pinterest material ;). I was so excited when Christi agreed to let us feature her on our blog so that we could learn more about some of her favorite concoctions. The scrumptious looking photos below are just a few of my favorites but be sure to visit her blog at, too!

What inspired you to become a baker and ultimately to found Love From The Oven?

I have been a baker for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always preferred baking to cooking, it just seems to come more naturally to me, and what’s not to love about butter, sugar, frosting and sprinkles? I would often bring desserts to parties or get togethers and people would think they took hours of time and all kinds of talent to make, and I was constantly telling people that wasn’t the case. I started Love From The Oven to help show others how easy so many treats and sweets can be, as well as to help me keep track of my own recipes. I go to my site all of the time to use my own recipes, it’s basically my personal recipe box.

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I think my favorite part of my day as a baker is having friends & family light up over the treats I’ve made. It’s amazing how a cupcake or a cake pop can turn a person’s bad day around, and I LOVE that. As a blogger my favorite part of my day is when readers tell me that they’ve made my recipes or that I explained something in a way that took the intimidation out of a recipe or project for them and made it approachable. I absolutely love when readers feel confident and think to themselves, “I can do that!”

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

The working mom thing is hard. I have a nine year old who is very involved in sports and extracurricular activities and a two year old with special needs and daily therapy appointments. I feel like I am always running late, forgetting something or making mistakes. The biggest advice I have for other moms is the same advice I constantly try and tell myself, we are doing the best we can, and it does not have to be perfect. We have so much to juggle that it’s hard not to have a few balls fall each day, and I figure as long as my kids aren’t the ones I drop (figuratively or literally!), than the day was a success. It’s okay to adjust your standards. The house is never as clean as I would like it to be, I don’t make the wonderful dinners that I wish I did and I don’t do all of the crafts or activities I plan to, but my kids are healthy, happy and loved, and that is what matters most. And of course like all other moms, I multitask like crazy, thanks goodness for my iPhone.

What is your most memorable baking creation?

My most memorable baking creation is probably my Hot Cocoa Cookies With Marshmallow Mallow Bits.  It was a recipe that my family loved, simple to make, delicious to eat. The folks at Jet Puffed saw it, reached out to me, and the recipe now appears on containers of Jet Puffed Mallow Bits. It was pretty amazing to see that recipe go from my kitchen to store shelves.

If you could bake for anyone in the world, who would it be?

If I could bake for anyone, as cliche as it sounds, I would bake for my kids. My nine year old daughter is my biggest supporter (and most honest critic!) and I am always eager for her to try whatever I have baked up.  She never fails to deliver the most honest and amusing feedback possible.

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

I think what has inspired me most in the past year was a trip I made to the Duncan Hines Test Kitchen. It was amazing to go behind the scenes and take a look at how products go through research and development, and to spend time with other people who were every bit as passionate about baking. It definitely recharged my baking batteries.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

My favorite place that I have traveled to is Pacific Grove, California, right outside of Monterey. It is the most picturesque, peaceful and relaxing place I have ever been.

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

If I could take a dream trip, it would be to Norway and Sweden. On the more realistic side of things, I would be very happy to spend a few days at the beach in San Diego.

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

I am sort of obsessed with the children’s lighting at Rosenberry Rooms. The Polished Chrome Steel Chandelier with Swarovski Spectra Crystals is just breathtaking. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it. I am also really loving the Pendant Lights in fun colors like blue, green and pink, and the fabulous graphic prints like chevron, quatrefoil and ikat. They are beautiful, modern and whimsical, all at the same time.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming recipes or events?

I recently added ZipList to Love From The Oven, which gives readers a convenient way to save, organize and print out recipes. I hope it is something readers will enjoy and might make their time in the kitchen easier and/or more organized. Stay tuned for lots of holiday baking!  Fall is my favorite time of the year to bake and create, and I can’t wait to share fun fall recipes and ideas.

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food:  I wish I had a sophisticated culinary answer, but truth is I LOVE fries with ranch dressing.

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad – I’m not much of a tv watcher but a friend turned me on to it and wow!

Favorite Movie: An odd combo of Nightmare Before Christmas, Lord Of The Rings & This Is Spinal Tap

Favorite Weekend Activity: Family movie night, hanging out on the couch, eating take out and relaxing.

Favorite Musician/Band: I kind of still love all of the 80’s hairbands. Please don’t hold that against me.  🙂


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