Rosenberry Rooms Store Redesign – Before & After Photos!

For those of you that missed it, a few weeks back we posted a sneak peek at some of the changes we were making to the boys’ room in our boutique in Raleigh, NC. Well, the design makeover is officially complete and we are so excited to share with you the before and after photos! The previous design included more traditional design elements and furnishings but we decided the room needed an update. With several new modern furniture companies being added to, we saw this as a great opportunity to utilize some of these amazing pieces! Taking inspiration from Pinterest, Project Nursery and a few tricks of our own, our in-house interior design team put together a fabulous design that we are so thrilled to share!

Here are a few of the BEFORE photos of what the room used to look like.

And here are a few AFTER photos with the new, modern design!

The bright paint colors really liven up the space and give it a fun, contemporary feel. The stripes were an excellent choice considering how high the ceilings in this room are! They add color, dimension and the perfect accent wall to set off the modern decor.

Love the stripes on the wall? Here are a few pointers if you’re looking to recreate it in your own home as well as the paint colors we used.

– Create a test board on a piece of poster board to ensure you like the way your stripe size and colors look together.
– Buy test paints at your local paint store before committing to the entire gallon can.
– Use high-quality painters tape or else the paint may bleed.
– Don’t forget to use a drop cloth to protect your floor.
– Make sure that the wall height is the same at all points on the wall. You may be surprised how different the ceiling heights can be, especially in older homes!
– Measure twice – paint once! 🙂
– Use a level to verify wall stripes are even.
– Paint the entire wall in a base coat and then paint the stripes on top of it to save time.
– Make sure each coat is completely dry before going on to the next color.

Everything you see in these photos is available on starting with the two amazing cribs! The Roh Crib by Spot on Square includes one acrylic side and we chose to pair it with DwellStudio‘s Owl Sky Crib Sheet. We also added two of our favorite Blabla dolls who make a few appearances throughout the rest of the room as well. The fabulous mobile includes the Scout Circle Mobile by Frazier and Wing which we paired with some coordinating pom poms and hung from a branch to give it a rustic and contemporary feel. This is one of my favorite elements in the room for sure! And how cool is that Classic Wooden Sunburst Wall Clock?

Adjacent to the Roh Crib is the stunning Empire Rocker by Nurseryworks which we chose to pair with a vibrant orange Moroccan Pouf to give it an element of surprise and a fresh feel.

Against the orange wall is the Campaign II Crib by ducduc paired with the Campaign 3-Drawer Dresser also by ducduc. We chose the Skyline Crib Bedding by DwellStudio for this crib and coordinated that theme with the paper airplanes and wall letters above it for a playful touch. On the dresser is the amazing Artichoke Lamp by Stray Dog Designs as well as the darling Euro Storage Suitcases by KidSTYLE and the super cute Lion Hat by Blabla.

If you live nearby, we’d love for you to come stop in and check out the design in person as well as the rest of our beautiful store! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the redesign. We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you love most!

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