Meet Kristyn of Lil' Luna!

Kristyn Merkley is the creator of the blog Lil’ Luna where you will find TONS of cute ideas, tutorials and recipes for every occasion. We are so thrilled to have had the chance to learn a little bit more about Kristyn, Lil’ Luna and her delicious recipes and hope you are too! Kristyn is inspired most by her adorable family and lucky for us, she loves sharing all of her inspiration and talent with others! Be sure to check out our interview with Kristyn below and then head on over to Lil’ Luna to see more of her amazing (and yummy) recipes!

What inspired you to become a cook and ultimately to found Lil’ Luna?

I’ve always loved baking and creating since I was little.  As I’ve grown up and started a family of my own I’ve had to use what I’ve learned in the past to keep meals interesting and tasty. Friends started asking for recipes so I thought a blog with all my creations could help with that. That’s how Lil’ Luna was started and since then I have loved sharing inspiration with others!

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of my day is at the very end when the hubby is home, all the kids are gathered around and I’m constantly reminded of the amazing things I’ve been blessed with.

What is your most memorable or favorite recipe?

My most favorite recipe would have to be my Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe. It was given to us by a family friend years ago. We are HUGE cookie lovers at home and this had been the best one yet. We’ve tried a few recipes of it since then but nothing can beat it. I use it for every cookie base in any cookie-related recipe.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

My advice is to do what you love. If you find yourself not loving it anymore, then maybe  it’s time to stop. Also, I think it’s super important to always re-evaluate your life and make sure your priorities are straight.

If you could cook for anyone in the world, who would it be?

No one!! Ha!! Cooking is okay, but BAKING is my thing. I would really love to bake for my grandma who passed away when I was 14. She was the one who taught my mom who has in turn taught me everything I know about it.

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

I’m always inspired by Pinterest.  I’m on there daily and can honestly say I use at least 2 recipes a week from there and use several more for inspiration for my own creations.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

China! I lived there for several months as a young adult and I learned to love the people and culture so much. I hope one day I can take my hubby and kids back.

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

New Zealand – because it’s beautiful as well as Russia, which is where my husband lived for two years. Oh, and Italy… one day. 🙂

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

EVERYTHING! From the bedding pieces, furniture to wall art, I LOVE it all. Everything is so fun, bright and whimsical which is what I love so much.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

I have some fun Halloween and Christmas projects already in the works that I cannot wait to share!! I will also be doing The Glitter Academy, a local creative get together hosted by me and two other bloggers with a hundred women, that will be this fall.

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food – Chinese!! Oh, yum!

Favorite TV Show – I love Psych! And I recently discovered Jane by Design and am obsessed now.

Favorite Movie – Jane Austen (Kiera Knightley version) as well as It’s a Wonderful Life – can’t make it through without bawling like a baby!

Favorite Weekend Activity – Family Movie Night is every Friday. We rent a movie pop popcorn, make a treat and watch a family in the playroom together.

Favorite Musician/Band – Too many!! I LOVE Counting Crows, Josh Groban, Gavin DeGraw,  Snow Patrol and so many more!

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  1. Such a cute family and I just love her site…so many great recipes and ideas!

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