DIY Tree Trunk Accent Tables!

We recently came across this really neat website called She Pins and He Makes. If you can’t already guess from the title what this site is all about, it’s an adorable husband and wife team (Anne and Tim), where Anne finds stylish decor and design ideas on Pinterest, shows them to the hubs, and he makes them! How fun is that?! One of their most recent posts revealed these amazing tree trunk tables, which in a furniture store would probably go for hundreds of dollars but they were able to make them at home for a whole lot less! Check out the images below as well as some great tips for creating these stunning accent tables for your home.

Over Easter in the good ol’ RVA we discovered Anne’s parents had just chopped down a large tree in the backyard. A few minutes on Pinterest and we were inspired enough to throw two 100+ lb tree slices into the back of our car for the ride back to Raleigh.  A lot of de-barking, sanding and drilling later we have two tree trunk tables!

Main tools you will need  – chisel, power sander and a mallet.

Next, begin removing the bark.

The de-barking was easy in some spots and painful in others. As you can see in the pictures a massive chunk came off with almost no effort. For the other parts be prepared for painstaking sanding and chipping away.

Sanding begins…

Hairpin legs can be expensive on eBay and it’s hard to find more than 4 of the same. We bought these from and were very pleased.

The wood is gum which means they need at least a year to dry out so the teak oiling (and/or urethaning) will have to wait.  We imagine that they will be a great addition to a screened in porch or outdoor area as soon as we have a house. Right now they look slightly oversized but still awesome in our rental!

How great are these?! It definitely gives me motivation to actually make some of the things I see on Pinterest! What about you? Be sure to check out She Pins and He Makes for more DIY tutorials!

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  1. Awesome! They look great! I enjoy the detail on how to make them.thanks

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