Rosenberry Rooms and Make-A-Wish!

Rosenberry Rooms recently teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois to provide some beautiful decor for a little girl named Carmell, whose wish was to have her very own Princess Room. Before Carmell was born, doctors diagnosed her with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a rare heart defect that causes underdevelopment in the left side of the heart. Carmell’s mother says her little princess doesn’t even think about her illness since she has always lived with it. Her mother also has made it her mission to give her daughter the best childhood a girl can have, free from the worries and cares that comes with having a life-threatening illness.

The team at Make-A-Wish reached out to Interior Designer Cynthia Smith of CCS Design Studio who volunteered her time and skills to complete this wish. Cynthia designed a beautiful, magical princess room for Carmell, complete with Disney Princess Furniture, a canopy and pink, purple and white striped walls (that was by the request of Carmell). The design also called for a few things from Rosenberry Rooms which we were happy to provide!

In the room you will see two of our Bubblegum Shaggy Raggy Rugs by The Rug Market! Carmell is definitely a fan of bright pink and purple so these rugs were the perfect choice!

It’s somewhat hard to see from the shot above, but above Carmell’s bed, underneath the canopy is the Princess Personalized Frame Wall Decal by Alphabet Garden Designs! This intricate wall decal worked perfectly with the princess design and included Carmell’s name, making this room all her own.

This room was beautifully designed down to the very last detail. Event the cord on the chandelier was covered with the Decorative Cord Cover in Pink!

“Her eyes were as big as saucers when she saw her room,” her mother said. “She couldn’t stop jumping up and down.”

We are so thrilled we could help out with the completion of this beautiful room for Carmell. She deserves a space that is all her own where she can dream and be a princess every single day. Thank you so much to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Illinois for making this possible and for including us! And thank you to CCS Design Studio for choosing some items from so we could have the opportunity to help out!

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