Boho Style Brights for Kid's Rooms

Annette Tatum, author of The Well Dressed Home, is recognized as a leading designer of quality fabrics with enduring appeal. We are so glad she is on our team of Creative Contributors and that she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to designing for children’s rooms. Today’s post from Annette is all about mastering the bohemian style and how to make it work in a child’s room. This style is very popular in the design world and is the perfect choice for creating a unique and bold design that is sure to stand out from the rest. Enjoy and be inspired!

There is something about the mix and match style known as bohemian that I think is perfect for the child. The lack of planning that results in style perfect. The rag tag, go with the flow sort of philosophy. Translate that into the bedroom and you have a room full of color and personality. I love Boho for the bedroom. The colors that are associated with summer and free spirit are perfect for the place where children dream.

Ikat prints mixed with off-beat stripes and tile patterns all are elements of the boho style. Turquoise, coral, hot pink and yellows all work in a caravan of color.

Add color to the bedroom with mix and match color stories for boy and girl to create a happily shared space.

Ideal for the boy on the go, a room with a color palette to grow with. Grounded blues balance with limes and turquoise making the boy’s room less serious and more pattern friendly.

Softened and toned down, the bohemian style is perfect for the nursery. Large backdrops of color are perfect accents to complimentary crib bedding.

Bold walls of color surround the nursery and set the stage for the room in transition. From the crib to the bed, the bohemian style leaves room for one to grow.

(Minnie Driver’s Nursery designed by Annette Tatum)

Inspire your room with unique color combinations and create happy statements of pattern and print.

Annette Tatum

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  1. Brittany says:

    I love the idea of doing a blue/teal bed with orange and pink bedding. Who would have thought?! It’s beautiful!

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