Choosing the Right Lighting

Talented lighting designer Charn Pennewaert of Charn & Company was nice enough to offer up some of her best tips for choosing the right lighting for your nursery or kid’s room. As you know, there are endless lighting options available so we thought getting some advice directly from a lighting designer would be a great resource for our readers when decorating their children’s rooms. Charn & Company‘s collection of lighting offers numerous styles of chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps and more in coordinating colors and fabrics that are incredibly stylish and beautiful. Follow along with Charn’s suggestions and choose from her collection on, and you are sure to create a wonderfully well lit and stylish space for your child.

At Charn & Company, we believe that lighting can be both decorative and functional. When designing your nursery or child’s room, keep in mind that the lighting plays a very important role of your child’s sleep and play patterns. We suggest placing our small to medium sized lamps on your favorite dresser, across from the crib or sleeping area.  Our lamps which are always wired with 3 way bulb sockets  give you three levels of lighting so that you can use it as needed, little light when you just need to check in on the little one or at higher levels, you can change your child’s diaper with plenty of luminance.

For a flirty girlish look, we recommend our genie lamp or hood spindle lamps with a colorful decorative pattern. Light pinks, lavenders, and greens are popular coordinating colors.  For the boys, solids like chambrays, stripes, or plaids with coordinating trims on our blue, brown, or taupe colored bases add so much charm. As you would accent your crib bedding with contrast colors and patterns, you can definitely do the same with our lampshades. Picking up a colored gingham pattern on a bumper or bedskirt can also been done on a lampshade.

Our whimsical wall sconces are also great for adding some decorative lighting next to a mirror or a favorite picture collage. They are hardwired ready, so ask for your electrician to add a dimmer to the unit which is another great way to light up as needed.  White star sconces with blue stripes or mini floral prints on a white picket fence or moon sconce really can make your wall décor light up.

If you happen to have a comfortable glider or rocking chair, we definitely recommend our charming wooden floor lamps.  This is a great example of functionality and beauty combined.  Add a table top to any of our floor lamps, and you have an instant side table to set your bottle or nursery book. Our wooden floor lamps are topple proof, made sturdy with hand turned hardwoods and heavy bases (which is important as your little one starts to crawl around and get into things). We recommend our Catherine floor lamps with a scalloped base paired with our classic style shade in your favorite colors for the girls and our charming Baldwin floor lamp with a round base paired with a  drum or classic style shade. A clean white pique or chambray on a navy solid floor lamp is quite stylish.

As for the centerpiece lighting of the room, we just love our unique wooden armed chandeliers , adorned with your favorite fabric patterned shade. Antique finished in your favorite color, these distinctive chandeliers are designed to compliment your cottage or eclectic style. Our chandeliers are classic and are made to fit your child’s growing style. Just change out the shades and you have instant color and design.

For the modern baby, our stylish pendants are the way to go. Multi levels of design, from double drum to double square, our modern pendants take two 100 watts bulbs, providing plenty of lighting. (Keep in mind that adding the width and length of a room together will help determine the overall diameter of your hanging fixture. For example, a 15 x 15 room size should take a 30” diameter chandelier.)

Don’t forget the little details. A sweet nightlight will help your child sleep soundly. Providing your child with soft lighting can help them feel secure. Every nursery should have a nightlight to help parents check in on the little one without stumbling across the room.

Lastly, lighting is a very essential decorative item. Imagine how beautiful the room would be if all the colors could just light up. It’s quite magical how a lamp, wall sconce, or chandelier can make a difference. Our moods are affected by color so make your child’s lamp colorful, fun, and special.

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