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Our newest addition to the list of Very Rosenberry Creative Contributors is leading designer, Annette Tatum! We are so thrilled to have her on board and excited for the expert design tips and advice she can provide to inspire you and help you create your dream nursery or kid’s room. She demonstrates an understanding that the nursery should be a place of comfort and peace as well as simplicity and style. Drawing from her experiences as a Mother of 4, Annette’s designs are both unique and practical and as you will see below, she seeks out all forms of inspiration and encourages you to do the same.



This is my first post for Rosenberry Rooms as a creative contributor and I am so excited to be part of their ongoing blog. Rosenberry Rooms has been a terrific retailer & partner for our line of bedding and other home decor products for years.  We have enjoyed a collaborative effort on the product front so I am thrilled to now be part of their creative world. Most of my design philosophy comes from my own lifestyle choices. With four children I have a busy life and have little time to really devote to creating the “perfect” home. Too many ideas are floating around my house with lots of likes and dislikes coming from the other household members which means that I have to find inspiration in other places than design magazines. One of the most obvious ways for me to find clues as to what I or someone might like is to look in their closet. Using fashion choices as an approach to home design often helps give one a starting point to begin choosing color pallets, textures and other elements. Accessorizing our home like we accessorize our outfits can be approached in the same way.

When I start creating a new collection, like our Ikat Pink bedding for Little House, I found plenty of this season’s trends telling me that this was “hot” on the runway and a more subtle version might work well in the nursery. Remember that the whole room does not have to be on “trend”. The crib is the perfect way to accent a room with fun colors and patterns to create a certain “look”.

When designing a nursery that is “all girl”, the perfect palette is pink for me. Nothing is more direct and to the point than a pink bedding palette in a classic motif. I love this Brocade Peony collection. It is one of our best sellers in that it never seems to go out of “fashion”. As a classic pattern it can have a vintage feel, yet is fresh with a modern softness.

Another way to really create a feeling of fun in a child’s room is to bring on a punch of color. Adding color adds personality to a room. Inspired by happy colors, reflective of an endless summer, work well for a young girl. Accents of lime green combined with hot raspberry and pale pinks mixed with hints of turquoise all perfectly match.

Annette Tatum

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