Suzani, Chevron and Ikat, Oh My!

Damask, Suzani, Toile, Ikat. No, those are not the newest celebrity baby names, they are some of the most popular patterns in children’s bedding trends! Today I wanted to break down some of these fashionable designs for you so next time you are shopping for crib bedding, rugs, furniture, you name it, you will appear as a professional interior designer clearly aware of the latest in fabric styles. 😉

Let’s start with one of my favorites, CheVron. Yes, I wrote it like that on purpose because all you have to remember with Chevron is the letter V. Believe it or not, this style is inspired by the badges worn in the armed forces to signify a person’s rank based on the number of V or chevron-shaped stripes. (fun fact!) Chevron can be crisp clean lines like in the fabric below, or a little more abstract as seen in the zig zag Trina Turk pillows. This pattern is taking over in all aspects of decor for the home from lamp shades to coffee mugs to bedding, you can’t go wrong!

Ikat is a big up and comer in the bedding industry as well. This pattern features a tie-dyed look and feel creating a intricately designed multicolored fabric. Annette Tatum’s Ikat crib bedding is gorgeous and comes in multiple color combinations to go with any nursery theme.

Suzani is another popular pattern you’ve probably also seen a lot of recently, you just weren’t sure it fell under a certain name. Suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile. When I think of Suzani, I think of medallion-style art. Take a look at some of the prints below and you’ll see what I mean.

Finally, there is the ever popular Damask (pronounced dam-esk). This pattern is inspired by the Damask rose and features a wavy, floral repeating pattern.

So, now that you are a pattern expert, you can have some fun designing your nursery or kid’s room and rest assured your room is sporting the latest in bedding trends! Find all these styles and more at

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