A Very Rosenberry Proposal!

Elizabeth Burns, our Interior Designer and Sales Representative, recently shared an adorable story with us that we thought would be great to share in the Behind the Scenes section of our blog! Elizabeth started at Rosenberry Rooms around the end of May of 2011 and was married to her husband Brian less than a month later. Needless to say it was a big time in her life! What’s even more exciting (and completely by chance) is that Elizabeth’s husband Brian proposed to her directly in front of Rosenberry Rooms!

Here’s the proposal breakdown:

Every year that we had been together, Elizabeth always wanted to go the Raleigh Christmas Parade. However, something came up each year. The week of the parade, we stopped by a jewelry store and found the perfect ring. It had to be re-sized and we weren’t sure how long it would take. Brian was sneaky and said it would take two weeks. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, the ring would be ready the next day. That night, Brian went over to Elizabeth’s parent’s house and asked her dad’s permission. The day of the parade, we drove to downtown Raleigh to watch and Brian had the ring hidden in his jacket. For some reason, he wanted to go across the road. After many questions as to why, Elizabeth finally gave in and started to cross. Halfway across the street, Brian stops and yells, “Attention everyone, I have a question to ask!”. Elizabeth was shocked as Brian got to his knee and proposed! He pulled out the ring that had been re-sized the day before as Elizabeth said “yes”. Elizabeth’s family was just a few yards down the street at the parade, and we were showered with many “Congratulations!” as we made our way towards them to share the great news.

Now the crazy part.. This was in November of 2009, way before Elizabeth even considered working for Rosenberry Rooms or had honestly ever heard of it! But if you look closely in the background of the photo above, the big brick building behind them on the right, is the Rosenberry Rooms store!

She said yes!

(photo credit: Lauren Garrison Photography)

Such a cute story, right? We are so glad we could be a part (well sort of) of this romantic proposal and wish Elizabeth and Brian all the best!



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