Meet Melanie of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I am the Marketing Coordinator and essentially handle…well, all things marketing! From social media to promotions to advertising and even some design, you name it!

What do you love most about working here?

First and foremost I love all the amazing products we offer on our site. Marketing is so much more fun when you have gorgeous and exciting things to promote. Secondly, the Rosenberry Rooms staff is so friendly, happy to be here, hard working and fun which makes coming to work that much better.

What is your decorating style?

I would guess that my decorating style is somewhat modern but with a focus on comfort. A lot of modern furniture is designed more around a funky and unique look and not so much on comfort and I absolutely can’t do without my big cozy couch and fluffy comforter! But then again, I also love vintage art…so I guess I would say my style doesn’t really fit into one category (that’s ok right?).

What are your 3 favorite RR products and why?

This answer changes daily but for today, I am loving our Trina Turk Collection pillows. I love a bright, bold pop of color and accent pillows are a simple yet stylish way to create this.

I have always loved the lighting from Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs. The whimsical feel reminds me of Dr. Seuss books and who doesn’t have a positive connection to those??

No need for a nursery glider just yet, but I really love the Penelope Glider by Oilo. The sleek lines and piping give it a modern look but its thick cushions ensure that it’s comfy too!

Favorite Food: Truthfully, french fries. I know…but they are just so good! Chicken quesadillas are a close second.

Favorite Movie: I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy… Now & Then is an all time favorite of mine (oldie but a goodie). More recently, Bridesmaids. I think Kristen Wiig is a comedic genius.

Favorite Song to jam out to: Tricky! Or anything old school Whitney Houston.

Favorite Weekend Activity: Teaching my kiddos at a local dance studio or going on a walk with my boyfriend and our two labs.

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