Meet Kate of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I work with the Interior Designers who shop with Rosenberry Rooms. I enjoy handling their unique custom requests and maintaining a fresh connection with the design world.

What do you love most about working here?

Other than the incredible old house that we call our office? I love that behind the curtain of a big site, we are a small happy group of people doing what they love!

What is your decorating style?

I would say that my decorating style is eclectic. I have an appreciation for pieces from all eras and love the challenge of combining them harmoniously to pull off a chic look.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

There are endless amazing products on the site.

The Play House Green Play Carpet is simply fantastic for imagination with virtually no toys required. I can imagine myself as a child, in my own little world, playing on this carpet for hours at a time.

The Mariana Floor Lamp by Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs is a total statement piece. The oversized flower creates drama and whimsy, the clear base adds a modern touch, and it comes in multiple funky colors to make it a guaranteed conversation-starter.

A third favorite of mine are the Euro Storage Suitcases by kidSTYLE. For me they inspire dreams of adventure and faraway places. Not only do they add a fun punch of color to any room, but everyone can always use more storage. I especially love them in the Soft Green with Yellow Handles. The cases themselves are made out of 100% recycled material.

Favorite Food

I am half Greek and my husband is from Spain, just the thought of any and all Mediterranean food makes me hungry!

Favorite Movie

This question never fails to stump me, however, one of my all-time favorites is The Holiday, with Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black, and Cameron Diaz. It wraps the ups and downs of romance, travel, and fate all into one.

Favorite Song to jam out to

I do not discriminate much when it comes to music. I think there is a song for every mood. I like Toploader’s version of Dancing in the Moonlight. The video takes you from the moment just before a party starts, to the arrival of the first person, to a full house when everyone is having a good time. It is about a decade old now, but it is still funky feel-good music!

Favorite Weekend Activity

Scavenging through flea markets, yard sales and antique stores is a blast when you have just moved into a new place. My husband and I are in the process of furnishing our 1925 cottage.

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  1. Kate,

    Thank you for your call and email. I love, love, love, your accessories, furnishings, designs, etc. Decorating a child or babies room is the ultimate design. I must say, that I also, love the ecletic style. Exciting and interesting enabling you to incorporate accessories from the parents past, as well as the new and traditional.

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