Diaper Bags that Don't Disappoint

We’ve all heard the horror stories about how horrendous the selection of baby and children’s products were “back in the day.” Depending on the age ranges of your children, you may have even experienced this first hand; I know I have. There is a 13-year range between my oldest and youngest, and the innovation in design both from a functional and aesthetic standpoint during that time has been incredible. So, when my first child was born, it seemed like the only option was to buy products lined with teddy bears and tacky tropical fish. It was frustrating not only because these products didn’t enhance or even blend with my personal style, but because they seemed to be designed to make it look as if you were living in a Disney movie.

Wow, have we come a long way! In my opinion one of the most striking improvements has been in the diaper bag industry.  Instead of trying to hide your diaper bag at the bottom of the stroller, you can now tote your bag around town with pride, even when the baby is at home. Half of the time, you can’t even tell that a mom is carrying a diaper bag, because it is so stylish.  Aside from looking fabulous, here are the five most notable innovations and functional features that diaper bags now have to offer.

Antimicrobial Fabrics

Say good-bye to crumbs and germs! Did you ever imagine that a diaper bag could be designed with a waterproof lining and a special antimicrobial treatment to kill germs, mildew, fungus and bacteria?  Well, the fantastic designers over at Ju-Ju-Be have done just that. Not only do their diaper bags have the coolest prints around, but they also boast innovative ways to keep your diaper bag clean. As most moms know, a diaper bag can turn into a giant mess in no time with all of the snacks and drinks that get toted around on a daily basis. Another great feature found in most Ju-Ju-Be bags are “crumb drains”, which are tiny openings at the bottom of the bag making it easy to brush out unwanted crumbs without having to remove everything and vacuum it out.

Insulated Bottle Pockets

I love this feature. Instead of dealing with packing a separate cooler inside of your diaper back to keep milk and formula at the right temperature, many diaper bags now feature bottle pockets that are insulated, which are also perfect for sippy cups. StorkSak has done a wonderful job with this! They have designed zippered bottle pockets that are easily accessible on the outside edges of their bags, so you don’t have to dig though your whole diaper bag. I have used the Emily Diaper Bag countless times for long trips because of the ease of grabbing and stowing cups, and it doesn’t hurt that the exterior is wipe-able, either!

Stroller Attachments

When you are out on the town or walking in the park, being able to attach your diaper bag to your stroller is key to allowing you to keep your hands free to take care of the baby or push the stroller. Thankfully, this essential feature is becoming more and more common. Typically the diaper bag strap is either long enough to stretch over both handles of the stroller, or your diaper bag will come equipped with detachable stroller straps designed to attach to the stroller handles. This feature is an absolute must! A great example of this is the Marilyn Bag by Timi & Leslie, which actually has both!

Gender Neutral Designs with Dads in Mind

One of the most important developments in the diaper bag world has been a new focus on the needs of fathers. Your husband may not be a stay-at-home dad, but he will likely still want to have a baby bag that he feels comfortable carrying when travelling or running errands with the kids. There are many styles that are meant to transition easily between men and women, and others that are distinctly designed with men in mind.  Diaper Dude is a brand that has become a favorite of celebrity parents, because they make cool diaper bags to please both moms and dads. They also boast key organizational features like a cell phone pocket and pacifier and key clips.

Built In Changing Stations

Most moms would prefer to avoid changing diapers in public, but we also know that isn’t realistic. So, it’s important to find a diaper bag that will make this process as smooth as possible. I am a big fan of the built-in changing station feature. Petunia Pickle Bottom is often touted as the perfect combination of form, function and fashion. The Boxy Backpack is a great example of this because in addition to the roomy and easy to carry design, the built-in changing station with roll out & detachable changing pad is a feature that you can’t live without.

Stroll on over to RosenberryRooms.com to find the diaper bag design that is right for you!

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