Meet Courtney of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I am part of the Web Merchandising team here at Rosenberry Rooms.  My primary role as a web merchandiser is to ensure the accuracy of the products that are featured on our website.  I do this by communicating with vendors, making sure that product pictures are current, descriptions are accurate, and the website is organized.  I also get to help identify new products to add to our ever growing website!

What do you love most about working here?

I am new to the web merchandising team so I am learning to love new things about working here every day! So far my favorite parts about working here are getting to know everyone and the office itself (it’s a historic house in downtown Raleigh, with a super cute showroom on the first floor).

What is your decorating style?

I would say that my decorating style is modern with a twist.  I love clean lines and geometric patterns.  I also love a pop of color with white, black, or other neutral colors.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

I love the Triple Band Crib Set in Stone and Citron by Oilo.  I love this set because of its color and pattern (and because it was one of the first new products that I got to add to the website myself, I guess I am a little partial to it).  I actually really like the whole Oilo Collection of products.  All the products they offer I find to be fresh and modern, not to mention Rachael Zoe’s crib bedding set (the Cobblestone in Taupe) came from this collection (and I love RZ).  I also love the Society Satchel Diaper Bag in Buttercream Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom. I think this is just a gorgeous bag! And even though I have no need for a diaper bag, I would love to have this bag and use it as a computer bag or tote bag.  Another one of my favorite products is the Uma Clear Crystal Tall Lamp with the Tall Max Lamp Shade by Maura Daniel.  I love the quality and detail of these lamps and the silk and linen shades that coordinate with them.

Favorite Food

Sushi! I really think that I could eat it every meal for the rest of my life and never get tired of it! I also have a big sweet tooth so anything chocolate is a close second.

Favorite Movie

The Holiday

Favorite Song to jam out to

Anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite Weekend Activity

I love running. I always make time for a long run on my weekend.  My goal is to run a half marathon! And I love to shop to (but running is better for my bank account!).

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  1. Congratulations Courtney! I love your bright and cheery picks!

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