Designing a Superhero Room that Moms Love Too!

I’m very excited to have been asked to be a regular guest contributor to Very Rosenberry.  My relationship with the amazing team at Rosenberry Rooms spans back close to 10 years, since I first started selling my children’s art in reproductions. Over time, as both of our kid based ventures have grown, we seem to cross paths more and more.  Now with the intimacy of the social media component and the blogosphere, you would never know we are thousands of miles apart. We are more like neighbors chatting back and forth over the hedge talking shop. While I can’t pop over in my pajamas to borrow sugar for my coffee, I can call upon them to help me and my clients at anytime.  And like any healthy relationship, we support each other. They offer me feedback and cutting edge insight to the trends related to my art and I help them fulfill their customers wish lists by providing them with the best products and designs I can. Sadly, we have yet to figure out how to carpool to the industry trade shows. Dropping by Portland, Oregon on the way from Raleigh, North Carolina is just not practical.

I am a visual thinker. When I design my wall art, I try to visualize what it looks like on the wall, in a room and in a home of a particular style. Until they develop a USB plugin or iPhone app, that allows me to show the slideshows in my head to my clients, I have to put ideas on paper. One of the more convenient ways of expressing a room design visually is a storyboard. Combining the inspiration behind my art and the product power of Rosenberry Rooms, I’ve created an inaugural piece to share with you.

One of my recent wall art introductions, is my Superhero series.  As a children’s room designer, I know that a superhero room is likely the number one request by boys and the most feared and disliked ideas by moms.  Most moms do no like the commercialized graphics, the “less than decorator” color palette and the idea of bringing one more incarnation of television and video life into their homes.  Many of my client moms feel like the arch enemy when their child is told no. In a deep announcer voice, the thoughts are spoken aloud; “Evil mom squashes superhero dream by putting her foot down! Will Johnny survive? Will his superhero dreams be dashed forever?”

Never fear an answer is here! Designed to be the un-commercial version of superhero, my collection explores the genre from a interior design approved angle.  I tried to provide colors, textures and content that express the theme without glaring colors and too much cartoon campy-ness. In matching it to more traditional bedding color options, relating it to popular wall paint colors and providing a combination of colorful and limited palette options, I hope it helps SAVE THE DAY!

In this storyboard, entitled Superhero Class-ified, I’ve combined my signature style of neo-vintage with three of the latest trends in children’s decor. One, being the color grey- while it’s not the new black, it’s a fresh and viable alternative to the taupes, creams and baby blues of the atypical boys room. Second, is rough hewn fabrics and natural materials-  burlap, coarse linen, cork and jute are terrific accents for boy’s rooms and are hot as design ingredients, right now. They are not pretentious, offer rich yet neutral colors and can be used for everything from decorative pillows to upholstery.  The third is text- whether it be words, numbers or quotes the graphic power and humble simplicity of text is a sought out replacement for the more traditional motifs found in kids rooms.

When I design bedrooms and nurseries, I always try to include vintage pieces. Quite often I’m refurbishing or repurposing something my client already owns or I’m shopping my favorite haunts for just the right piece. In this storyboard, I’ve include a vintage stool and a retired marquee letter. To find your own pieces, I might suggest searching your local antique and architectural salvage dealers, online sites like Ebay and Etsy and type “vintage industrial’ into your search engine. For wall art, I’ve narrowed down the selection from my nine pieces to just the ones that are of a limited color palette. These pieces are about as far away from the hues of superhero spandex as possible. If you are still apprehensive about the superhero motif, you can swap these out for a variety of images from my collections of a similar palette for sports or racing.

It is my hope that I’ve class-ified what was once a hard sell for moms and a winner with boys.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out, my email is I look foward to sharing more ideas, d.i.y projects and exploring the kid’s world that’s Very Rosenberry with you, in the months ahead.

The combination of Rosenberry Rooms products includes the notable pieces-

Relic’s Small Storage Bed System

Nostalgic Style Picture Frames by Obrien Schridde Designs

Twelve Timbers “TEXT” Pillows

Simple Steam Punk Pendants by Jamie Young

St Charles Table Lamp Base by Jamie Young with Cork Shade

Rocket Flip Desktop Clock

Dwell bedding separates in Dove

Red Soho Jute Rug by Surya

Superhero Wall Art by Aaron Christensen

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  1. What an awesome room this would be! I, too have had more than my share of requests for super hero rooms and now with your new art line, I will have a classy way to fulfill those requests without the room being too commercial or juvenile that it will be quickly outgrown. Thanks for sharing!

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