Bumper-Free Crib Bedding from Skip Hop!

Confused by the bumper debate? Asking yourself should I use a bumper, should I not? At RosenberryRooms.com we want to allow you to make that choice, which is why we offer bedding sets with bumpers as well as sets without. The newest idea to come to the crib bedding industry that solves the problem of having bumper-less crib bedding that is boring or takes away from the nursery, is Skip Hop‘s new, patent-pending, Complete Sheet!

The Complete Sheet offers a stylish alternative to bumper-less crib bedding. It gives you all the aesthetic benefits of a bumper without the need for one. With bold graphics on the sides of each sheet, and a contrasting pattern on the top with linen piping, these sheets will look great in your crib as the centerpiece of your nursery, mimicking the look of a bumper but in the form of a sheet!

Skip Hop has carried their popular Mod Dot and Treetop Friends sets through to their Complete Sheet designs as well as introduced some bold new designs! Check out a few of the sets below.

Another great feature about these Complete Sheets, is that they are also sold separately from the sets. This way, you could grab several sheets and mix and match the designs as you wish! I don’t know about you, but I always love it when I can add a little variety without a huge cost!

Check out our video from the 2011 ABC Kids Expo and see the Complete Sheet for yourself!


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