A North Pole Holiday Party from Anders Ruff!

How cute is this North Pole Party from one of our awesome Creative Contributors, Anders Ruff!? Maureen and Adria never cease to amaze me. This adorable party really puts me in the holiday spirit and I’m sure it will do the same for you!

When I think back to my childhood memories of Christmas, I immediately think of the warmth and comfort I would feel when seeing images of The North Pole.  From Santa and his reindeer to the stockings, mittens and candy canes, these were a symbol of the “feeling” of Christmas.  There is a certain nostalgia that those North Pole “symbols” bring and that I want to carry the tradition of in my own family.

This year, we designed a North Pole inspired collection that is perfect for adding style to any Christmas party or gift, but also has elements perfectly tailored for a Cookie Exchange or baking party.

For the printable graphic collection – The feeling of Vintage but modern elements in red, aqua and white hues reflects the feeling of the North Pole.  Those colors incorporated with vintage gingham, candy cane stripe and modern dot patterns create a collection versatile for the most diverse in design taste.  We introduced a full decor collection as well as some new concepts such as our hot cocoa bar printables, advent calendar hanging mittens printables and new gift tag concepts.

We shot this collection at a beautiful timber frame home in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  Steve Frellick, owner of Yonder Luxury Mountain Rentals, built the home and has the most amazing mountain homes that he rents.  It was the perfect setting with the timber beams in the kitchen and rustic charm of the fire place and mantle in this mountain luxury home.  Yonder also has beautiful downtown lofts to rent for vacations in Asheville.

We had a few different scenes:


The kids wore custom aprons from Made by Morgan for the baking party and then changed into their custom pjs (also from Made by Morgan) to open some gifts by the tree.

For our dessert table for this North Pole Cookie Exchange party, we wanted to highlight all of the fabulous cookie vendors that have contributed their desserts throughout the year to our parties and holiday photoshoots. With simple red cake stands on a stark white table cloth, we wanted to make a bold statement while focusing on the beautiful works of art – the cookies!  Some of the cookies were embellished with printable party flags to incorporate our graphics.

A Fabulous Fete sent us 4 red cake stands and then we saw the tutorial on The Party Dress magazine, and decided to make some of our own. (an EASY DIY project using wooden candle sticks and wood plaques).  To display the cookies, we used our 2” party labels on front of the cake stands and embellished them with ruffled crepe paper.
A framed printable poster of a graphic of santa was hung on the backdrop (Cute little santa poster is included in our new North Pole collection!)

DIY – To add some whimsical style to the windows around the backdrop of the dessert table, we made circle garland out of our patterned papers.  We printed 2 sided cardstock from our patterned papers from the printable collection.
We then punched the paper with various sized circle and scallop craft punches and sewed the circles together, leaving a little space in between.  We hung this garland over the dessert table window and around the hood of the stove.

The front of the dessert table was adorned with precious coordinating felt stockings from RikRak.  We embellished some of those with printable party logos from our collection.

Sur La Table let us use their fabulous red Kitchen Aid stand mixer along with some precious red melamine baking utensils and dish towels. We also hung a handmade wreath over the stove.
We displayed the materials on a fabulous runner that Nikki of Nikki In Stitches made for our photo shoot.  Nikki just came out with a tutorial ebook that shows how to make the runner, wreath and the handmade paper ornaments that you see on the tree.

For the cookie exchange party, the children sat at the bar and started out by mixing and baking some cookies.  We setup dishes with ingredients to make it easy.  The kids loved cutting out the cookies, and especially enjoyed eating them.  We displayed vintage glass milk bottles with paper straws and party flags, since you always need milk with your cookies.

We also setup a Hot Chocolate Bar where we displayed different ingredients in little ramekins on our red cake stands.  We displayed a printable hot cocoa bar menu and labeled the ingredients with party flags.  Marshmallows, cookie and cream crumble, old fashioned peppermint sticks, red hots, whipped cream and more!  Two Sugar Babies made some adorable fondant gingerbread men that we used to decorate the display as well.  The children loved mixing their own hot cocoa with the various ingredients.  They were all garnished so differently and that was a very easy activity for the younger children to participate in.

Adorable red polka dot favor boxes (from My Little Love) were displayed on the table and the children could fill up their box with cookies from the dessert table as part of the cookie exchange.  For the smaller items, we assembled the printable milk carton favor box from our collection.

The children displayed a plate of cookies for Santa and our collection includes a printable “Letter to Santa” that the children filled out.

The beautiful fireplace at this mountain luxury home was easy to make beautiful!  We displayed a printable party poster of Santa from our collection on the mantle along with tissue poms, lanterns and adorable pom pom trim.  Huge fabric tubes were wrapped with candycane wrapping paper and displayed on the left and right side of the mantle. (Totally reminded us of the North Pole!)

Our new Printable Advent Calendar mittens were hung from the mantle and filled with small candies.  Gifts were packaged and we introduced several new printable gift tag collections that we displayed on the gifts. Santa stamp gift tags, hangtags and circle tags all coordinate perfectly with the complete collection.

A white feather tree by the fireplace was decorated with sweets (both real and fake) and creative DIY ornaments.  We hung real candy cane and mitten cookies from ribbons (Cookies by Allyson Jane).  An easy DIY was our candy cane lollipop ornament that we hung from the tree.   Very easy to make by using a white/red striped pipe cleaner, lollipop stick and our printable party flag.  We also placed a printable “North Pole” sign at the top of the tree.  The adorable and creative DIY paper aqua and red ornament balls were also hung from the tree. Nikki In stitches shows how to make these precious ornaments in her ebook found at www.nikkiinstitches.com.

Below the tree were gorgeous custom pillows that MonMell Designs just added to their new line of handmade pillows featuring Anders Ruff graphics.  The “Letter to Santa” pillow actually includes a printable that slides into the pocket to leave a letter to santa under the tree!  So precious!  The children loved that pillow as well as the North Pole square pillow with the adorable aqua contrasting trim.

The party ended with the kids unwrapping all of the gifts that they got each other! This is a tradition we will continue for years to come.

The “North Pole” Collection Printable gift tags, decor collection, hot cocoa bar set, advent calendar and invitation are available in the shop on sale!

– Complete Event Styling by Anders Ruff
– Printable decor, hot cocoa bar, gift tags, advent calendar mittens from Anders Ruff
– Photography by Becca Bond Photography
– Luxury Mountain Home Rentals in Asheville, NC – Luxury Mountain Rentals available from Yonder

Clothing and Decor Sources:
– Custom Aprons and Christmas Pajamas – Made by Morgan
– Custom “Letter to Santa” and “North Pole” Pillows by MonMell Designs (with Anders Ruff Graphics)
– Felt Stockings by Rik Rak
– Handmade Ornaments, Runner and Wreath by Nikki in Stitches (DIY Tutorial Book available at her website)
– Red Wooden Cake Stands by A Fabulous Fete (and some DIY)
– Paper Baking Cups, Paper Fans, Tissue Poms, Nut Cups, Paper Straws, Favor Boxes, Glass Milk bottles from My Little Love

Dessert Sources:
– Mexican Hot Chocolate sandwich cookies by Red Bird Bakery
– Fondant Cupcake and Cookie Toppers by Two Sugar Babies
– Santa Stamp and Santa Cookie Pops by Sweet Sugar Belle
– Glittery Candy Cane, North Pole and Hanging Mitten Cookies by Allyson Jane
– Square Pattern, Red/white Santa Stamp, Candy Cane, Mini Gingerberad Men and Reindeer Sugar Cookies by The Cookie Jar
– Gingerbread Man Cookie pops by Oh! So Yummy Cookies and Confections
– Chocolate Covered Pretzels by Pretzels Pleaze

Crafty Materials/Printing:
Labels by Onlinelabels.com
Adhesive by Gluedots
Poster Printing by Sign Guy

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