Meet Courtney Dial of Pizzazzerie!

If you haven’t already heard of Pizzazzerie, then I am so excited to be the first to introduce you to its creator, Courtney Dial! is the place to go for great ideas on how to ‘entertain in style’. Courtney’s blog is one of my daily reads and it never disappoints. The images of the parties she styles are simply amazing and the talented vendors she works with always bring something new and creative to the table, literally! I think what makes her styling so incredible is that she focuses on the details. She always goes above and beyond and it’s safe to say that is a result of simply loving her job! OK, enough from me… Check out our interview below with Courtney and be sure to check out Pizzazzerie before hosting your next party!

What inspired you to become a party stylist and ultimately to found

When I became bored with my day job as a career counselor and realized I was not being fulfilled creatively, I decided to hop into the blog world sharing tips + tricks for my favorite hobby – entertaining! From throwing baby showers to birthday parties, everyone has a reason to invite friends over at some point in the year so why not tap into that market? I thought it would be a fun hobby on the side until it nearly took over my life just weeks after going live. Instantly, I realized it needed my full-time attention so I left my job. Since then, I’ve had to grow again by bringing on writers and an editorial assistant to help manage the flow. It’s an exciting career and one I never dreamed I’d be enjoying at 26!

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

My favorite part of the day is working on party posts and editing the website. Technical and sometimes a bit monotonous, but it’s actually my favorite part! It’s fun to see the hard work behind the scenes flash up on the screen. The most rewarding part is certainly seeing your hard work go up on the site but also featuring some of the many women-owned businesses from printable designers to other party stylists. I love featuring them!

What is your most memorable party design project?

My most memorable party design project was an Alice in Wonderland themed party I styled for a darling little girl in Chapel Hill, NC. I don’t take on clients anymore due to brand partnerships + blog work taking my time, but when I did – she was my absolute FAVORITE! We filled the room with everything Alice from Mad Hatter treats to whimsical, multi-colored teapots!

If you could style a party for anyone in the world, who would it be?

This is a tough one! I think Oprah would be a fun one as she’s such an inspirational woman and so enthusiastic about life!

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

Interior design! I just finished an article for The Huffington Post on this very topic. Interior design trends are making their way into all sorts of party elements from invitation suites to tablecloth fabrics. I love all things chevron, quatrefoil, and lattice printed – fabulous geometric elements make for very mod + chic designs!

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

Napa Valley, California! It even beats Italy in my mind (crazy, I know!). I just spent a week at Sterling Vineyards and was in complete paradise.

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

Hawaii! I have plans to go next summer with my fiancé and my father to play golf (well, my fiancé) and sit by the water with a pina colada!

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?
This is tough – there are so many faves! I LOVE notepads (great for jotting down ideas, etc) so I love the Desk Pads in cute prints. I also love the chandeliers (such a great selection) and the canvas diaper bag by Nest!

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

If you absolutely love what you do, then keep your head down and work hard! Good things will come to those that are honest and hard-working. It’s a motto I believe in. Another motto? Always thank others for the help they give you!

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

I’m super excited to have my first book released next March (the topic was recently announced on Pizzazzerie)! I’ve also partnered with ProvoCraft, the maker of the Cricut, so stay tuned for a fun DIY video shoot with them! And I actually am headed to Atlanta to film Say Yes to the Dress with TLC! I get married next June 🙂

Here are just a few of the many gorgeous and creative parties Courtney has styled! Be sure to check out for more great tips on how to entertain in style!

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food: Chocolate Cake!

Favorite TV Show: Say Yes to the Dress (ironically enough)

Favorite Movie: Father of the Bride Part II

Favorite Weekend Activity: Working (true story – I love what I do!) + taking my puppy to the dog park and watching Auburn football with my fiancé.

Favorite Musician/Band: Anything country! I love Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, and The Band Perry.

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  1. I love Courtney’s website, so much fun to read! Great feature 🙂

  2. I Love Courtney! I want to be just like her!!! LoL… such an inspiration! 🙂

  3. Adore, Courtney! One of the sweetest party chicks I’ve had the honor of knowing!

  4. Pizzazzerie is one of my favorite sites to browse! Always such great ideas! Can’t wait for Courtney’s new book!

  5. Vanessa Grant says:

    I love this! Courtney is just the sweetest person. She is gracious and kind and always has something nice to say. She is an inspiration to me as I am sure she is to many. I just know she is going to be the next Martha or Oprah or… anything she wants to be.

    Thank you for this lovely interview!

  6. We agree with all these comments and are glad you like the interview! Courtney is great!!

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