Celebrity Nursery Design Reveal – Ashlee Simpson!

Singer Ashlee Simpson, sister of finally-confirmed pregnant, Jessica Simpson, had a Disney inspired nursery designed for her son, Bronx. She even hired an actual Disney artist to create the murals in the room around the interior design. We had the pleasure of catching up with the designer, Katy Mimari of Caden Lane, for an inside look into the inspiration for the room and what it was like to work for the Simpson-Wentz family!

Is this the first celebrity nursery you’ve designed?

No, we’ve worked with many celebrities over the years! But Ashlee is definitely one of my favorites.

What was the inspiration for the design?

Ashlee & Pete loved Winnie the Pooh, but wanted a modern take on it. The murals were actually designed by one of the Disney artists, and were created around the nursery design. I love how Pooh is looking into the crib, and Tigger is drawing on the chalk board (which can be drawn on, and used as an easel – something I’m sure Bronx is enjoying as he gets older)!

What was Ashlee’s decorating style? Did she give you any direction? (Must-haves, definitely-nots)

She wanted modern furniture, and clean lines…. But didn’t want to avoid color! The room was large, with three sets of French doors, so we were able to create three different spaces in the nursery: (1) the nursery wall with the crib & changer, a play area for toys & the rocker, and a day bed that floated in front of the French doors with extra storage on the side. Plenty of room for the entire family to hang out in the nursery!

What was it like working for Ashlee Simpson and family?

Ashlee and her family were just wonderful! They are originally from Texas, where we are based out of, so we immediately clicked – Texas style! We are so excited for Jessica, and hope to be working with her on her first nursery too!

What is your favorite part of the room?

The bedding of course! I love how we took a traditional theme, and modernized it. The colors and prints in the textiles work perfectly with the design of the room, giving everything a color palette to work from. I’m not big on themed rooms, but I’ve got to admit – this is the most FABULOUS Winnie the Pooh nursery I’ve ever seen!

Here are just a few items you can find in the room!  On the crib, you see bedding made from the Caden Lane Blue Circle Dot Fabric as well as the Blue Stripe and Blue Dot Line fabrics for a gorgeously coordinated set. Caden Lane Classic Blue Bedding with accents from the Classic Red Collection on the twin bed for when Bronx is ready for a big boy bed.

Also spread throughout the room are various large and small Blabla dolls which add such a playful feel as well as the Silly Soft Seating in orange and blue (how cute are these guys?!) and Orange Clothes Tree from P’kolino. The modern furniture is the Aerial Crib and Two Wide Changing Table from NurseryWorks and if you look closely you can see baby blankets from My Blankee and the Favorite Things Alphabet Boy Canvas Reproduction from Oopsy Daisy!

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