Meet Naomi and Gerri of Little Crown Interiors!

Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors share an incredible passion for interior design and are clearly destined to be in the business. This incredible two-woman team at Little Crown Interiors has designed over 70 stunning nurseries and child spaces and have only been around since 2008! Their portfolio includes designing an elegant oasis for former Spice Girl Mel B and her new baby girl as well as a stunning nursery for Laila Ali filled with gorgeous custom accents including their very own Wall Monogram and Hope Crib! Little Crown Interiors is focused solely on designing nurseries and child’s spaces and by taking a look at their portfolio it is easy to see they are the experts in this niche. Whether you are looking for a glamorous girl’s room, a modern boys nursery, or a gender neutral nursery with style, these ladies are guaranteed to create something wow-worthy. Not only are Naomi and Gerri extremely talented, but they are a blast to work with and so sweet! Check out our interview with them below as they share some great design experiences and offer some words of wisdom. Oh, and be sure to check out more of their design projects at!

Enjoy and be inspired!

What inspired you to start an interior design firm specializing in children’s spaces?

We met each other while working for another interior design firm, where we had the pleasure of working together on several nurseries and child spaces.  In 2008, when that company closed its doors, we found ourselves out-of-jobs, but full of inspiration, so we decided to start Little Crown Interiors.

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Gerri: I absolutely love the emotional side of nursery design.  I love to delve deep into the design process and help parents figure out what they want to “get” out of their nurseries/ childrens’ rooms.  I love drawing out the stories of a family’s history and hearing about their values.  I believe that these emotional elements provide the best source of design inspiration.

Naomi:  It’s very common, especially for first time moms, to feel overwhelmed by how much work is involved in creating a nursery.  These women are about to go through a huge life-change that’s scary, exciting and wonderful all at the same time.  If we can help them feel more secure and confident in their preparations, then we have done our job.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

Gerri: Maybe not advice, but perhaps a little bit of learned wisdom…  It seems that every generation of Moms has their own set of challenges, and ours is clearly no exception.  Finding the ever-elusive “balance” seems to be the biggest challenge of today’s working mom.  If you’ve found something that helps you create balance – whether it’s making lists, setting a timer, taking a nap, getting a workout or eating a daily dose of chocolate –  do it!

What is your most memorable design project?

We’ve now designed over 70 nursery/ child projects, and every single one has its own set of memorable elements.  From each project, we try to take a few lessons with us, and apply what we learn to the next challenge.  That said, we could write a pretty great book of the interesting things we’ve come across over the years…

If you could design a room for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Gerri: Gwen Stefani!  She’s ultra-creative, super glamorous, has impeccable style and is a legitimate rock-star – need I say more?

Naomi:  Nicole Richie.  Her breezy bohemian style would be so fun to translate into a nursery – and she’s reportedly into eco-friendly materials, which is fantastic!

Where is your favorite place you have travelled to?

Gerri: While I’ve traveled the world fairly extensively, my favorite place to go is a tiny little lake in Michigan.  My grandparents have a vacation home there – specifically geared towards creating a fun atmosphere for kids.  It’s the perfect place to get some much-needed relaxation, while also enjoying some amazing time with my sons.

Naomi:  It may be a cliché, but my trip to Italy was by far the most inspiring place I have ever been.  The richness of history, art, architecture and design is woven into the entire culture.  And they have amazing coffee!

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

Gerri: Thailand

Naomi: Paris

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

The Hope Crib!

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

The day we sat down to start Little Crown Interiors, we spoke extensively about finding ways to use our company to do good in this world.  That’s why we’re so proud of our partnership with Newport Cottages furniture to create the Hope Crib.  It’s a gorgeous pink crib – impeccably made by one of the best furniture makers in the US – and proceeds from every sale benefit breast cancer research.  It’s a really special project for Little Crown Interiors, as we find it impossible to stomach a world where breast cancer is just a fact of life.  Each Fall, we look forward to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, and the hope that our crib will help change the future for all baby girls.

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food – Gerri: Candy   Naomi: Anything made with pasta

Favorite TV Show – Gerri: What Not to Wear   Naomi: Anything on HBO

Favorite Movie – Gerri: Big Fish   Naomi: Amelie

Favorite Weekend Activity – Gerri: Boating   Naomi: Taking a walk down to the beach

Favorite Musician/Band – Gerri: Changes by my mood   Naomi: Aerosmith.  Please don’t judge.

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