Have Fun with Personalization!

Personalizing your child’s room is the perfect way to make it feel special and all his or her own. I love all things personalized specifically because they become one of a kind and allow you to add your own style to a room, a bag, a piece of jewelry or really anything. One of the greatest ways to add individuality to a child’s room is with wall letters and the options from New Arrivals Inc. are endless! Choose from fabric letters available in multiple color combinations, hanging letters with over 50 different ribbon options for hanging, or even from letters in scalloped frames for an added charming design element. You may choose to just do initials or spell out an entire name. The possibilities are endless so just have fun with it!

Personalized items are also great gift ideas. Surprise your expecting friend at her shower with a gift personalized specifically for her little one and I promise your gift will be the highlight of the party. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience on this one! Personalized gifts add an extra element of thoughtfulness and a willingness to go the extra mile. Take a look at the letters below from New Arrivals Inc for inspiration for your next shower gift or for your own home! I should also add that New Arrivals designs bedding and decor for a perfectly coordinated room too. Happy decorating!

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