New Elegant Children's Furniture Lines from Natart

The Natart children’s furniture collection at includes a broad range of styles from sleek and sophisticated to classically elegant. They recently added two brand new lines to their collection, the Allegra Collection and the Avalon Collection, both complete with all the trimmings like dressers, armoires, bookcases and more to help you decorate a complete room for your child. The Allegra Collection boasts curved lines and intricate hardware that will bring a sense of enchantment and sophistication into your child’s space. Natart’s Allegra Convertible Crib is a great choice for your growing child because it converts from a crib to a bed for your toddler to your tween! If you are looking for a chic and luxurious bed for your teenager, the Allegra Double Bed is the perfect choice!

The Avalon Collection includes classic designs for both boy’s and girl’s rooms. Details include curved skirts on the convertible crib and dressers, sleek hardware and silhouettes that will satisfy any age or gender. This line is both sophisticated and versatile and will create a traditional look in your nursery or child’s room for years and years. The Avalon Convertible Crib will look great in any nursery! It also converts into a bed when the time comes. A piece from this line will last you a lifetime and the timeless appeal will ensure that the look is always current. Be sure to check out both the Allegra and Avalon collections from Natart, but also keep in mind they offer tons of other styles too. Check them all out here!

Allegra Convertible Crib and Dresser by Natart

Allegra Double Bed, Chest and Nightstand by Natart

Avalon Convertible Crib and Dresser by Natart

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