New: Not Rational Diaper Bags

When it comes to handbags, let’s face it ladies, we don’t always make “rational” decisions. Why should your diaper bag be any different? The new line of diaper bags from Not Rational is now available on and we can’t get enough of their fashion-forward look! Fashion icons and celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez also carry these standout diaper bags!

One of the things we love most about Not Rational’s diaper bags is that because they are so gorgeous, they can double as a handbag or a great travel bag: functional AND fashionable! Each bag, made of luxuriously soft leather with antique brass hardware, has a timeless design, created with the stylish mom in mind. The gray distressed Hansel diaper bag is their original bag design and its luxurious outside is complimented by its brightly colored lining, making things easy to find! Its countless pockets and carrying styles make for a versatile and functional high fashion accessory!

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