Gone Fishing Boys Bedroom Theme

I attended a two-year-old birthday party last weekend filled with children who were obsessed with Sponge Bob! I did come across one boy, a ten-year-old Matthew, who told me about his fishing trip that morning. He and his father went down to a creek behind their house and spent the morning fishing and exploring the surrounding area filled with insects, foliage and animals. Matthew was now all about fishing! He is the perfect example of how quickly a child’s interests can change. One day it’s a Sponge Bob and the next week it’s fishing. Thank you Matthew for sharing with me your excitement about fishing! His enthusiasm inspired me to come up with a fishing themed bedroom. Now here are some ideas for designing a fishing themed bedroom!

Art – First and foremost when I thought about a fishing bedroom my mind immediately went to all of the amazing children’s art we carry on RosenberryRooms.com. The first piece that came to mind is the Motions To Cast Canvas Reproduction by MaryJack Studios. The text on this piece reads, “A day so perfect had come at last. Practiced were all the motions to cast. Found already was the bait. And now so patiently all to do is wait.” Laura Hescock, artist for MaryJack Studios and mother of two, paints the perfect picture of what it’s like to go fishing! I would pair the Motions To Cast Canvas Reproduction with The Boat Canvas Reproduction also by MaryJack Studios.

Bedding – I’ve chosen the appropriately named Fisherman’s Quilt by Serena and Lily. This bedding combines a stonewashed color palate with contrasting colors of blue, gray and yellow. Cotton fish are stitched upon the quilt in an intricate design that is perfect for your little fisherman!

Children’s Furniture – For this bedroom, I love the antique look of the Basecamp Collection of furniture by Young America by Stanley. If you go with Young America by Stanley you will definitely get quality, functional pieces that will last a lifetime. For fun, add the Bosuns Gig Shelving Unit. This piece will give the room a genuine nautical feel because this shelf looks like a smaller version of a real sea-going vessel!

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