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Simplicity, classic style and comfort are important qualities to keep in mind when picking out linens for your child. Annette Tatum’s designs feature soft colors among delicate prints, giving the collection a sense of chic luxury and unique style. The collection includes children’s bedding, kids furniture and fabric by the yard which you can use to customize any aspect of your child’s room.

I think what I love most about Annette Tatum’s designs are the timeless patterns. The designs work for baby, child, tween, teen or adult! Annette Tatum is as original as she is insightful, drawing from her experiences as a mother of four children to inspire her designs and motivate her daily. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to feature Annette Tatum’s collection on our website and provide our customers with such wonderful products. Now let’s hear from the inspirational entrepreneur herself, Annette Tatum!


Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the Annette Tatum style philosophy?

Layering. We all have unique lifestyles that dictate how we design our homes, but the layering of these different looks and ideas allows those lifestyles to peacefully co-exist. As a parent of four children, I live in a house with easy care fabrics that are fashion-forward, but can still hide the inevitable stains. Layering also allows you to change and add to your home’s décor as your life, and style choices, evolve over the years. I personally have become more classic and sophisticated in my tastes, which I attribute to my children growing up and being able to appreciate more “adult” décor in our home. I’ve found that our style generally reflects whatever stage we are at in life, and a layered look allows us to change and grow.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?

I studied design and architecture in school, so I’ve always been ‘making’ something. I don’t think I set out to be a designer, I just loved to create, and that has lead to my being somewhat of an entrepreneur for many years. I never woke up one day and said I want to start my own business, I usually had a job working for someone else when I decided to start a new venture. In the end when I settled with textiles, I left a job to finally go out on my own. It was scary, but it worked. Before you start your own business, I would suggest that you learn as much as you can by doing it on the job and working for someone else. Some of the basic ideas that I still use today were lessons I learned from working for other entrepreneurs.

Why did you choose to design children’s bedding?

Well I started out in apparel and sort of grew into bedding. In my early career I was also in lighting and architecture, but I eventually fell in love with textiles. Creating fun prints and then applying them to form allows for endless possibilities. Being a young mother drew me to incorporate furniture and table linens into my collections, but ultimately the child and nursery design and bedding has been my world for the last 12 to 15 years.

What is your favorite part of your daily work…when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

I love my morning run. I go out early each morning with a group of friends, and it just sets the whole tone for my day, helping to get my thoughts on a positive track and promoting creativity in my ideas. At the end of the run, as the sun is rising everything is peaceful outside, that’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

I also love working on color. When I’m developing a new collection, after the patterns are set and the scale has been established, then it’s time to colorize the prints…that’s the fun part! There are so many combinations to choose from, and finding the perfect fusion of colors is exciting. I’m also excited each week to come up with the “Annette’s Style Guide” story on my blog. I love fashion and am always fascinated by its connection to home décor. I post them on Mondays, so I have the whole week to discover new inspirations from fashion and design, and apply them to home décor.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

Try to not feel too guilty. I think working moms always struggle with work time versus mom time, but just know that there is enough for both. I have always found that, although I am a mom first, it is vital that I take time to pursue my dreams and work on my business. It makes me a better parent and a happier mom. Also, my kids love coming to the office, and all of them have been to a trade show! They could probably run my business better than me by now.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?

I have many, but right now I like the India Toile prints. They are a re-introduction from one of my earliest collections, and I still love the elephant and maharaja depictions.

What sets Annette Tatum apart from other children’s bedding designers?

That’s a hard question for me to answer objectively. I have been doing this for 15 years now, so my experience in the business might be a factor that sets me apart. However, I know experience isn’t everything because I also find myself admiring all the new designers in the market. So I’m always creatively looking ahead with fresh ideas and new products. As long as I love what I’m doing, then I’ll always be looking for ways to set AT apart from other children’s bedding collections.

In terms of our style, we have always been timeless, yet slightly forward with our look and color palette. We also have so many choices between the AT line and the Little House collection, that perhaps our variety is what really helps set us apart. We have something for everyone.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

We have a lot of projects coming out in the next few months. Look for our new website launching this Spring, a lovely new paint collection from Annette Tatum, and 8 new crib sets for our Little House by Annette Tatum collection.

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food
Lately this veggie green drink from a local organic store. I feel amazing after I drink it!

Favorite TV Show
Modern Family

Favorite Movie
I love the visuals in Marie Antoinette, as directed by Sofia Coppola

Favorite Weekend Activity
Family time and the local open market on Sundays

Favorite Band
Don’t really have one…I like a lot of different music, even country!

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