New At Rosenberry Rooms: Luggage Extraordinaire From Heys USA

I don’t know about you, but the idea of creative luggage really excites me. Let’s face it. Most luggage is boring. Functional, yes, but inspired, no. That’s why I’m in love with Rosenberry Rooms’ latest find: travel cases guaranteed to put pizzazz into every adventure!

Heys USA has two cutting-edge collections of trendy luggage; both are equally amazing. The wildly beautiful Britto Collection gives you fine art, while the hip Heys USA Collection has custom options. To make things interesting, each collection has one key piece the other collection does not.

Graced with original designs by celebrated Brazilian artist Romero Britto, the Britto Collection is all decked out in a fiesta of four colorful pop-art-meets-Cubism motifs. Kids will love these fantastic pieces, but adults with an eye for design will be drawn to them as well. Britto has been called “the premier contemporary artist of his generation.” His original artworks are quite pricey. But with the Britto Collection, you can stash your possessions in signed original artwork cases that get noticed wherever they go.

A key player in Britto’s Collection is the Beauty Case, a modern take on the boxy, old-school design of yore. This 9 x 12 number travels light with handle and shoulder strap. It’s packed with pockets and compartments for grooming essentials, and my personal faves are the Butterfly and New Day motifs. You can buy single rolling cases from Britto in 22″, 26″, and 30″ or splurge a set of four, beauty case included. The larger cases are called “spinners” because they have swivel wheels that are easy to navigate over almost any terrain.

The Heys USA Collection is equally stylish and has some features the Britto Collection does not. For starters, the Exotic Three-piece Set comes in your choice of Leopard, Skulls, or Snake. Colored sets come in nine designs, each with its own palette of custom colors. Cases come with either spinners or large-diameter roller blade wheels. The USA Collection can be anything you want, but with polished high gloss finishes, it won’t be lackluster!

Although the Heys USA Collection does not have a beauty case, it does have the swanky eCase, a business traveler’s best friend. The Exotic eCase comes in 15 jazzy patterns including Zebra and Tiger. It’s also available in 12 solid finishes from basic Black to tender Mauve. Both cases come stocked with an accordion file, laptop sleeve, lift-out electronic pouch, and tons of nifty compartments. They’ll fine-tune business on the run and keep you organized in the air. They’re almost as handy as a personal assistant.

Since I want both the beauty case and business case, the only smart thing to do is buy a set of luggage from each collection.

There are so many cool aspects to these cases I could easily go on and on. Instead I’ll just stop right here. It’ll be much more fun if you discover all details for yourself. Once again, Rosenberry Rooms gives you choices. What you make of them is up to you!

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