Just in Time for the Holidays, New Engraved Jewelry

Growing up around the women in my family has taught me some important things about gift giving. Flowers say, “I’m sorry,” chocolate says, “I like you,” and jewelry says, “I adore you.” Whether it’s your three-year-old daughter or your sixty-year-old mother, jewelry is the one present that you can never go wrong with. So naturally I was delighted when we added these new beautiful engraved jewelry pieces. Most of the collection is made out of sterling silver, however there are also pieces made out of copper and seashell.

Each piece comes in an array of classic shapes. The bold, yet feminine lines accent the immaculate nature of each of these pieces, not to mention the flawless details are astounding. Most of the pieces come in child and adult sizes, which is perfect if your little one wants to be just like her mom. Think of her delight when she receives a silver heart bangle bracelet that matches mommy’s!

My favorite piece of the entire collection is the Ornate Oval Mother’s Bracelet. Custom made, the bracelet is accented with alternating filigree and sterling silver charms. Each of these charms can be personalized to feature your child’s initials, or full names. Moms of any age will treasure this gift!

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