Designing With Themed Kids' Art

If your child has a passion, it’ll show up in the bedroom – and there’s probably a growing collection of paraphernalia to prove it. Why not support your child’s interest with themed art?

The problem is that it can be challenging to find themed art that’s compatible with existing decor. Let’s say your kid has a modern bedroom with clean, uncluttered lines and bold, dramatic colors. Let’s also say he or she is an aspiring rock musician. How do you find rocker art that’s contemporary and comes in just the right colors?

I decided to investigate this question myself at Rosenberry Rooms. I started with a young girl’s contemporary bedroom like that on the Midtown Day Bed page. I then entered “music art” using the search feature. I quickly found three rocking girl’s artworks to harmonize with the decor. My picks are the Winged Guitar Plaque, the Guitar Girl Canvas, and the Tattoo Guitar Reproduction. I was amazed at how easy it was!

What about a boy’s bedroom? It was just as easy! Using the Kendall Panel Bed as a starting point, I easily located the Rock Band Mural, the Music Graphic Banners, and the Drums Canvas Reproduction. It was a no-brainer. All I had to do was look for colors to match what was already in the rooms!

I found more rocker art by accessing the Kids’ Theme Rooms page. Under the category “Back To Basics,” I found “Music.” Here was additional wall art, along with other inspired furnishings like rugs, toy chests, and clocks. What else would compliment our sample rooms?

For my girl’s bedroom, the Guitar Wall Stickers, Guitar Wall Clock, and When Words Fail Canvas would all enhance the room design and accent the color scheme.

In my boy’s room, the Musical Toy Bench would be a perfect match for the bedding. The Six String Guitar Canvas would also work, as would the bold design of the Play Rug.

The themes page is a decorator’s delight. It has 11 categories covering every imaginable interest from sports and transportation to animals and nature. There are sections for “When I Grow Up” and “Use Your Imagination.” You’ll find educational collections and themes about the beach. There are two additional tabs for colors and patterns of every variety.

With these handy search features, you can avoid trawling through what won’t work and go immediately to what will. The collections on the themes page include wall art in addition to everything else at Rosenberry Rooms that relates to the same theme. You’ll find soccer lighting pendants, jungle crib bedding, surfing step stools,  and mermaid wall clocks — just for starters. With such an extensive selection of themed art, you can indulge your child’s passion without sacrificing room design in the least!

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