The Peaceful Presence Of Neutrals

It seems like the first thing we consider when designing is color. Whether with pastels, brights, or bolds, we want to make a room special. In the quest for beauty, the power of neutrals is easy to forget. A recent post on Desire To Inspire called “Neutral Perfection” reminds us that the simplicity and elegance of neutrals can be as dramatic as a spectacular sunset.

Neutrals have a power all their own. A neutral room can be serene, peaceful, calming, and soothing. The lack of color can be beautifully counterbalanced by eye-catching textures and details. Rooms come alive in a multitude of browns, tans, and beiges or when washed with the palest silvers, grays, and blues. Mixed with bright whites and buttery creams, the overall effect can be amazing.

The Neutral Perfection home blended neutrals with modern decor, so I though it would be fun to create a romantic girl’s bedroom almost entirely in neutrals. With Rosenberry Rooms’ extensive range of options, I felt sure that a neutral room could be just as enchanting as a bedroom of romantic pinks, greens, and golds.

I started with the Butterfly Iron Bed in Pewter. With bedding, I’m torn between the Giacosa Duvet Cover and the Tess Duvet Cover; both come with accessories like shams, sheets, boudoir pillows, and skirts.

As for furniture, I like the Romance Armoire with metal hardware in Antique White. It also comes in Cottage White, Weathered White, and Sand Dune. The Emma’s Treasures Vanity and Bench show off pewter hardware, caning, and pretty appliques in vintage white.

A delicate Chopin Bedside Table continues the feminine theme and has finishes like white, cream, and beige. White would compliment silvery neutrals while cream or beige would accent earth tones. The Celine Bookcase in Cream or White is gently vintage with flirty scallops and loads of roomy display space.

My natural love of color continued to assert itself, so I chose the Ocean Toscana Rug in a silvery color accented with olive, although the Versailles Khaki Rug is just as nice.

With so much neutrality, I wanted one piece of dramatic wall decor. As you probably noticed, the Neutral Perfection house has almost no wall art. Given the surprising impact of the neutrals, it doesn’t really need any. The Serena Bed Crown in Shabby Linen with White Tulle Tiebacks would dynamically frame the bed and heighten the glamor of the room.

What about lighting? I like the strings of tiny lights positioned throughout the house in the blog’s photos. They’re subtle, festive, cast a soft glow, and look very artistic. I would add the Large Urn Lamp with Sash; it’s a white lamp with a shade in the palest of blues. The Sweet Dreams Lamp is another interesting option because it comes in a large number of neutral and metallic finishes. I’m tempted by Antique Blue, although it’s not technically a neutral. It comes in a gold and white finish for the neutral purist.

I must have succeeded in convincing myself that neutrals can be as exciting as colors because I now want the bedroom I’ve just designed. It just goes to show that neutral rooms can even win the heart of a complete color-lover like me. Rosenberry Rooms has many more ways to make neutral rooms take center stage. The trick is to envision all the pieces as a whole. Unlike designing with color, neutral rooms take a bit more thought. The results can be well worth it.


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