Gorgeous Lighting From Crystorama

There’s always something brewing at Rosenberry Rooms. Today it’s dynamic and exciting lighting from the renowned designer, Crystorama. A family-owned business since 1958, the company began as an importer of Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Today, this designer brings us some of the most elegant and artistic chandeliers and wall sconces to be found anywhere. I’ve always associated chandeliers with ballrooms and world-class hotels. How do these elaborate fixtures fit into nurseries and children’s bedrooms? Is it possible to incorporate lighting that’s dripping with crystals into the casual ambiance that defines most kids’ rooms today? Let’s find out.

In a girl’s nursery I start with a crib and then find a Crystorama chandelier to complement it. The Little Princess Convertible Crib catches my eye straightaway, and the room’s decor is perfectly suited to rich lighting. I like the Antique White Wrought Iron flush or semi-flush chandeliers, both with Rose Murano Crystals. Part of Crystorama’s Paris Flea Market Collection, they have a distressed finish like the crib.

One could easily add a pair of Antique Wrought Iron Wall Sconces with Rose Murano Crystals. Pink Mini-shades could be added to the sconces for a spicier look.

There’s no reason to assume that elaborate lighting would not work equally well in a casual and relaxed girl’s bedroom. Take the Spring Garden Metal Bed, for example. The Birch Wrought Iron Chandelier with Murano Crystals or the Blush Wrought Iron Lantern with Hand Polished Crystals would add equal amounts of charm in this pretty room, and the Blush Finish suits the color scheme perfectly.

Boys’ decor is more challenging. How does one incorporate an elaborate crystal chandelier into a manly cave? It’s not that difficult with the right bed! The Sports Iron Bed is rugged enough for an aspiring quarterback and the Birch Wrought Iron Large Mini Chandelier, even with crystals, is definitely not too much. A boy’s nursery is even easier. The sleek Cody Crib is sweetly balanced by the Venetian Bronze Wrought Iron Chandelier with Clear Murano Crystals.

Crystorama bath sconces are another matter. Soft and subtle, these low-profile lights are perfect for most kids’ bathrooms. Another laid-back option is a set of Blush Wrought Iron Sconces with Lalique Shades. These would be lovely in a coastal bedroom like the one featured in the Seaside Dreams Poster Bed photo.

My favorite piece in this collection is the Champagne Wrought Iron Table Lamp with Murano Crystals; it’s just about as splendid as they come. Is it too much for a kid’s bedroom? Not in an idyllic girl’s room that’s lucky enough to be graced by the Romance Ten Drawer Dresser!

I’ve learned that elaborate lighting is not just for ballrooms. If treated like the artwork it is, the impact of lavish lighting in kids’ rooms can be spectacular. Although crystals are delicate, chandeliers and wall sconces are safer than lamps that can tip, tumble, and break. Let imagination be your muse and get inspired with Crystorama. Rosenberry Rooms hopes you’ll have as much fun decorating as I just did!


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