An Affordable Designer Nursery

Designer Room - $19,582.00

Check out Elements Of Style for an interesting look at how a $19,582 modern designer nursery can be replicated for $4,043. With furnishings from top to toe, it’s amazing how a bit of “shopping around” can reproduce an entire interior design scheme for considerably less than you might expect to pay.

I decided to see if I could create a nursery that was similar to the expensive version of the Elements Of Style nursery for even less than $4,043 by scouring the vast selection of furnishings at Rosenberry Rooms. It was more challenging than I expected! Kudos to Erin Gates for putting together such a remarkable facsimile (for the rest of us) of the “deep pockets” nursery at a savings of $15,539! That’s quite an accomplishment.

Modesty aside, I didn’t do too badly myself. I did go a bit over Erin’s $4,043 price tag, but not by much! I owe my success to Rosenberry Rooms for providing great baby furnishings at a range of prices to suit every budget. The best part is that the less expensive items are just as cool as the pricier pieces. Here’s my take on Erin Gates’ high-end nursery:

1. Sahara Crib In Ebony at $685.00.
2. Owls Sky Crib Bedding (Four Piece Set) at $360.00.
3. Bam Six-Drawer Dresser In White at $699.00.
4. Rome Gold Rug (8×10) at $825.00.
5. White Polar Bear Pelt Rug at $48.00.
6. Rage Adult Glider in Multiple Colors. I chose Black at $698.00.
7. Children’s Club Ottoman at $195.00.
8. Lime Pagoda Gumdrop Pillow at $48.00.
9. Lime Pagoda Boudoir Pillow at $48.00.
10. Solid Velour Baby Blanket. I chose Blue at $31.00.
11. Funky Floor Lamp at $475.00.
12. BB2 Night Stand at $140.00.
13. The Pool Velvet Pendant Chandelier usually sells for $258.00. As of this post, it’s on sale for $180.60. There’s nothing like a sale!
14. Modern Rocking Horse at $69.90.
15. Lolo Print at $30.00.
16. Ivory Bird Print at $30.00.
17. Snuffles Stuffed Mouse at $21.00.

It’s a good feeling to shop for specific items and actually be able to find them! I located budget-friendly substitutes for every element of the expensive designer room. I changed the colors slightly but had no problems maintaining the overall theme. It was easy to match the decor with the crib bedding, and there were enough choices to coordinate the entire room.

The exciting part of this project was realizing that the budget-friendly matching process could be used to replicate any designer room with considerable savings. On the other hand, if you want to imitate a design scheme and money is no object, Rosenberry Rooms also has pricier picks. My point is that the huge selection means you can recreate almost any room that appeals to you whether you want to spend a little or a lot.

To prove my point, I was able to put together my version of the $19,582 designer nursery for a total of $4,583. Not bad! I only went $540 over Erin Gates’ “affordable nursery” and I found everything I needed on just one website. It pays to do a bit of comparison shopping!


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