Powerful, Practical, & Personal: Uncommon Designs from Macbeth Collection

At Rosenberry Rooms, decor is about more than just placing an order. It’s about the joy of finding furnishings that really are one-of-a-kind! Our designers give you oodles of ways to make decorating as individual as your home.

Designer Margaret Josephs’ outrageously inventive Macbeth Collection is all about the thrill of waxing creative. Tissue boxeswastebaskets, wall letters, pitchers, and more become a festive celebration of form, function, and fashion.

What makes the Macbeth Collection stand out is the mind-boggling number of ways to make each item truly unique. The sheer number of patterns alone means the sky’s the limit. Designs like Abyss Pool, Lola, and Amalfi Monaco, along with more than 100 others, give you the means to create pieces with personality-plus in expressions for every inch of your home.

Who doesn’t love something personal? Font styles come in a sunburst of colors and make adding a name, monogram, initial, or favorite phrase a piece of cake. The fun doesn’t stop there. You also get to position the text anywhere on the item. Optional feisty icons like the Skull With Pigtails, Pineapple, or Jumping Horse make for endless design possibilities.

Treasure Trays and Magnet Boards come with the option to select a special border color. Add lively accents with Socialite Stripes to fashion a spirited Party Tray.

There’s no end to what you can create with Macbeth decor, and the abundance of personal choices lets you get exactly (and we do mean exactly!) what you want! Macbeth accent pieces are just the thing to wake up a sleepy nursery or kid’s room. If you have a case of decorating blahs, these bracing designs will snap you out of it pronto!

The organizational benefits of Macbeth accessories are not to be ignored. Large bins like the Personalized Party Tub and Personalized Bin make easy, accessible, and convenient storage for all those things your toddler drags out of the closet every day. Not only do the bins make it simple for baby to get at treasures, they also make cleanup a snap. For the child who can’t be without a few beloved toys, the Personalized Tool Caddy makes it simple to keep must-haves close at hand and off the floor!

Small nursery essentials stay orderly with a few Personalized Tiny Bins. Not only are these little storage solutions eye-catching and cute, they’re also practical. No need to open and close the changing table drawers to access pins, balms, and swabs when these items can be popped into these charming little organizers.

When it’s time for a birthday party, make it memorable with Personalized Party Mats for each child. After the party, place mats make happy and reusable favors for each little guest to take home.

Macbeth decor makes great gifts, not only for kids of all ages but for adults, too. Rustle up a delightful Personalized French Flower Vase for mom’s garden blooms or help her stay organized with a monogrammed Large Clipboard.

No matter how you cut it, Macbeth decor can’t be beat. It’s fun, functional, and lets you have it all your way. Rosenberry Rooms provides the ways and means. You simply add the inspiration.


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