Play Kitchens for Everyone

When I was little, I had a neon-and-primary colored play kitchen from Fisher Price in my playroom. Below the fold-out counter, we had a small basket of toy foods, cups, plates and more. Although that was many years ago, that type of imaginative play never gets old, and now you can give your son or daughter the perfect place to put their cooking skills to work with stylish play kitchen options. Unlike my old crayola-shaded play kitchen, Rosenberry Rooms’ selection can be chosen to compliment not just your child’s interests and needs, but the décor in your home and their playroom as well.

For those who enjoy a vintage look, there is the Red Vintage Play Kitchen, which is set up to mimic the look of a housewife’s kitchen in the 1950s. The bright red shade of this accurately replicated-in-small-scale kitchen will light your children’s imaginations on fire and give them the space they need to whip up amazing and unique recipes. With storage and built-in oven and kitchen compartments, this kitchen offers the complete package to any stylish child who’s looking for a place to cook up a feast for their next play date.

The Large Play Kitchen offers a more traditional style of play kitchen, aimed at younger girls. The pastel colors will match princess costumes and well-loved dolls, while the appliances this piece features will give your little girl the chance to pretend she’s cooking just like mom and dad! This oven uses a setup familiar to anyone who’s ever cooked in a small apartment – so it may just give your daughter some ideas on how to organize her belongings into a tight space when she gets older and heads to college dorms!

Appropriate for both boys and girls, the Silver Retro Play Kitchen features bright, polished handles and bright red accents on handles, dials and more. The perfect bachelor-pad kitchen, this stove range gives tough guys a chance to practice grilling steak and baking pizzas. A small sink is set into one side of the range, making it clear that this play kitchen is all about the way to a boy’s stomach – through food!

If you have many little ones running around your house, the All In One Play Kitchen gives plenty of room for everyone to crowd around and enjoy the fun. An extended counter creates two shelves and a small serving area to the left, while the shelf on the right gives a place to store ingredients and more. The overhead shelves, cupboards, and other features give kids plenty of nooks and crannies where they can hide treats for later.

Finally, the Deluxe Big & Bright Play Kitchen features all of the kitchen basics – a sink, refrigerator, oven, stove and shelf unit – arranged in a colorful, stylish format. The back of the kitchen counter is decorated with striped wallpaper that compliments the color scheme of the rest of the wall, and the overhead shelves offer plenty of storage space for ingredients, toy foods and drinks, and other sundry items your kids might want nearby when they’re cooking in one of these great play kitchens.

Whatever your needs may be and whatever style you prefer, at Rosenberry Rooms, you will find the play kitchen that is just right. We make it easy to give your child all of the things he or she needs to explore and expand their minds through creative play, so start shopping with us today!


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