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One of my friends is expecting a newborn this January, and she’s already starting to prepare for the arrival of Teeny – the name she’s adopted from the picture on the sonogram. As she and her husband slowly put together the nursery for the new baby, one of the personalizing tricks she’s decided to use in the baby’s special room are a series of wall letters spelling out – what else – Teeny’s name. Knowing that I blog for Rosenberry Rooms, she came and asked me what kinds of options were out there for parents who wanted to customize their children’s rooms with wall letters, and after some searching, here’s what we came up with.

We checked out some of the site’s Hand Painted letters first, and we were both impressed by the variety, colors and different styles that we could find for her to consider. My favorite was the Curlz Wooden Hanging Letters but since it’s a little boy they are expecting, we agreed those might be a little more frilly than her husband would let her hang in his firstborn son’s room!

The next option we explored were the Framed Wooden Letters, which are very cute and come in several styles; these options are a little bit more expensive than the hand painted possibilities we had checked out before, so given her budget we had to move on, but we both agreed that the Monogram Framed Painted Letters were very appropriate for a baby boy – and thanks to their careful construction, they are durable and long-lasting, too.

Name Tiles, which feature multicolored designs and are purchased individually to spell out your child’s name, were our next stop – it was here that we found the Hand Painted Name Tiles – Lil’ Robots, at which point I was ready to end the search. What little boy wouldn’t love a bunch of robots climbing over the letters of his name?

But my friend insisted we continue looking until we came across the options of fabric letters offered by New Arrivals, Inc. The soft palate of green and blue blends perfectly with the nursery colors, and the simple font is whimsical and fun. These sweet designs are both soft enough that they can double as toys for the new baby to play with, while offering unique designs that add a personal touch to the nursery.

For anyone who’s ever done baby shopping with a pregnant friend, I’m sure you can appreciate how glad I was to have been able to help her find something! Now if her and her husband could just agree on a name, I would be done with my shopping list!

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  1. Vinyl Wall Letters are surely a great way to personalize your room. They reflect your rich creative tastes.

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