Models and Replicas: A Stylish Piece of History

Models and replicas have arrived at Rosenberry Rooms, bringing the high quality production value you expect from our products to a new area of excellence! These gorgeous replica boats, telescopes, globes, planes and more will have your children’s eyes lighting up with wonder, while the accuracy of each to-scale model will have them learning more about history than you may have thought possible. Thanks to information sourced from genuine plans and historical records, these model kids from Rosenberry Rooms render the highest level of accuracy and may even surprise parents who have an interest in the history of transportation!

Starting our journey through historic replicas, we begin with the first instrument used to make discoveries of the heavens – two telescopes, which can allow your child to glimpse the stars and planets in the night sky. The Tabletop Telescope and the Floorstand Telescope give two options for introducing your son or daughter to the movements of the heavens, one of the first points of understanding for the explorers, map-makers, pilots and drivers of later years.

By the time your son or daughter understands the relationship of Earth to the stars, it will be time for them to check out our next offering – some gorgeous historic globes. The first globe available here dates back to a time when the world was much larger than it is today. The Mercator 1541 Globe with Classic Stand is a replica of a globe created by Gerardus Mercatur, a Flemish cartographer who created this vision mere months after Magellan’s first circumnavigation of the planet. With both this and the Hondius 1627 Hanging Globe, you open up your child’s experience and ability to appreciate the changing nature of global boundaries. They’ll begin to get an appreciation, as they look at the differences between these globes and those of today, of how humankind’s understanding of the world continues to change over time, taking new discoveries and facts into account along the way.

You can build on the information your child gains from their globes to introduce the various model boat kits that are available at Rosenberry Rooms, as well. The Mini Pond Yachts, which come in a set of four, offer a smaller starting point that may lead to the Large Americas Cup Columbia 1901, the exquisitely detailed Dragon Olympic Sail Racer, the Large Classic Cruiser 1937 or the Large Friendship. Later, they’ll begin to explore air transport possibilities with the Jenny HN-7H, Desktop Fokker Triplane, and even a Model Blimp – Zeppelin Hindenburg! For those kids who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, there are the classy and stylish Maserati Desk Racer and Ferrari Desk Racer, just waiting for boys of all ages to imagine themselves racing them on the road.

Models and replicas at Rosenberry Rooms will add to your décor while bringing with them a sense of history and appreciation for the things that man has discovered and built. The best part? These kits are not just for your child – they are replicas that the entire family will enjoy!


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