Fit for a Princess: Pettiskirts, Ruffled Dresses & Bloomers

Today’s fashion trends may seem like they’re gone before they even really begin, but bloomers, pettiskirts and ruffle-filled dresses for little girls have been all the rage for centuries! Little girls have a natural love of costume and detail, so why not indulge your daughter’s fancies in one of these gorgeous creations? We offer a variety of sizes and styles so that your little princess is surrounded by luxury from the moment she’s born to the day she’s ready to graduate from elementary school.

When babies are little, buying them simple clothes that are easily washed is one of the first lessons parents learn to follow – but when it comes time for your little girl’s first portrait, you want everyone to see the princess you’re raising! The Newborn Animal Print Pettiskirt in Raspberry Leopard lets you show off a flashy look that will leave your serene little infant cooing with delight as you snap flashes in front of her. An Ivory version of the skirt is also available, giving you an option that is a little more traditional.

As she grows up into a toddler, you can expand into Raspberry Pettiskirts and Animal Print Pettiskirts, plus stylish Tank Pettidress looks that help her establish her independence. Styles like the Lots of Dots Pettiskirt in Apple and White or Raspberry and White give you a more modern daily wear option. Some of these looks aim for a whimsical appeal like the Newborn in Pink Rainbow, while others are clearly of-the-moment, such as the Black and Hot Pink that reflects current fashion trends. For days full of playing, she can throw on some Bloomer Shorts, available in Lavender, Light Pink, and Hot Pink – just as starters.

Once your little princess is no longer quite so little, you can start expanding her costume collection to include pieces like the Pettiskirt in Turquoise Rainbow and the Pink Polka Dot Pettiskirt. At this point, you can start explaining to your daughter the difference between styles she’d wear to school or out with her friends, and the styles that are most appropriately found in a costume or dress-up box, since some of the more outlandish fashions that were fun for her as a toddler might not be the best thing for her to throw on when she heads off to school!

Finding adorable pettiskirts and dresses for newborns can turn into a fun exploration of bloomers, dresses and costuming that will grow with your daughter – enjoy the opportunity to influence her sense of fashion while you can with these pieces from Rosenberry Rooms.


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