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Just the other day, my four year old asked us if she could have a clock in her room. This really didn’t come as a surprise, since for the past month she has been asking a few times a day what time it is. I decided to start looking at options, since I really don’t want to settle for a plain, black digital plug in. I immediately looked to the selection at Rosenberry Rooms, and was so happy that designers have made it possible to shop for clocks the same way you shop for wall art, or another piece of decor. They have taken something so practical – kids clocks – and transformed them into little works of art and expressions of personal style.

Wall Clocks

Children’s wall clocks are a large portion of what Rosenberry Rooms carries, with an array of styles and options. There are gorgeous clocks from Vintage Artwork, like my all time favorite – Powder Puff Fairy Clock. These wooden clocks are created with vintage images from the early 1900s. These remind me of paintings that you would find gently leaning against the wall in your grandparent’s attic. Pictures and pieces of art from their childhood that spark stories of days gone by, when life was a little less hectic. The artwork itself is just adorable – almost magical – and with simple black hands and numbers, these kids clocks will work with any decor. Some of the other creations include Aviation Little Boy Clock, and Red Wagon Clock.

A newer addition to Rosenberry Rooms is the collection of adorable kids cuckoo clocks in various colors with a fun twist. Each one features a farm or jungle character instead of the traditional bird, and on the hour, when the little animal pops out, you will hear them “moo”, “neigh”, ‘woof”, etc! I love the color combinations as well: pink and brown = EleCoo Cuckoo Clock; tan and brown = BarkCoo Cuckoo Clock; orange and green = WhinnyCoo Cuckoo Clock; and several others. These kids clocks take a traditional concept and make it fit in with current day styles and decor trends.

Some other wall clocks that stand out to me are the ones by Oopsy Daisy. These wall clocks are stretched canvases with a clock component – actual works of art that also tell time! It is hard not to mention every one of these, since I am a HUGE fan of Oopsy Daisy art, but one that stands out to me is the City Sidewalk – Boy. In this particular one, the clock is on the tower of the city library and the whole scene is lighthearted and fun – boys will have a blast looking at all the details in this piece over and over again.

The last group of wall clocks that I would like to mention really suit an older child more because of their style (most of them do not have the numbers 1-12 on them, making it impractical for a young child who does not know how to tell time.) One of these is the Ball Wall Clock – bright colors, geometric shapes, and the use of different materials gives this kids clock a decidedly modern feel. The rest of this collection is filled with similar retro-styled clocks, utilizing modern materials and fonts.

Table Clocks

There may be just a small selection of table clocks at Rosenberry Rooms, but they are definitely worth mentioning, because of their unique and fun designs. The Pink and Brown Flower Table Clock is one of many by Wish Upon A Star that are all hand-painted and custom made. The craftsmanship of these clocks is great, and the options for both boys and girls are just begging to be brought home and placed proudly on a hutch, bookshelf or nightstand. For boys, the Train Table Clock will look just right in the nursery or a toddler’s bedroom. This collection also offers other pieces of matching decor, such as bookends, tissue box covers, picture frames and wastebaskets, making it easy to pull a themed room together.

There is also a collection that includes old-fashioned double bell alarm clocks in small and large sizes, offered in either chrome, bronze or black. This same company has a variety of novelty clocks like the Character Flip Desktop Clock, Two-Tire Desktop Alarm Clock, and Modern Moving Gear Desktop Clock – all very unique and special.

Wrapping up the table clocks, I have to highlight some really fun options for sports fans of any age. The Soccer Bouncing Alarm Clock is one of six styles by My Sports Clock that give boys and girls a fun (and unique) way of turning off their morning alarm – by throwing it! This is a fun option for kids who play or have a favorite sport.

These kids clocks just highlight some of your options at Rosenberry Rooms. If you are interested in a first-time clock for your curious toddler, or in need of something that will motivate your child to get up in time for school, this is the place to find a kids clock that is both functional and stylish.

Adriana M Dehring

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  1. Hey, RR!
    Enjoying following your links from an HGTV photo. I saw these clocks and immediately thought of my friend Sandy Mastroni. Check out one of her clocks hanging in my kitchen. I love her unique work and just wanted to spread the word….


  2. Trying it again! Scroll down to the photo of the girl clock. I gotta love Sandy to go to this much trouble.
    I Love your design sense, Susie.

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