Tents, Teepees, & Sleeping Bags

Tents and teepees can set the imagination on fire, thanks to the deeply-loved stories of adventure that these structures make us – and our children – remember. Find ways for your children to connect with history, their imaginations, and the great outdoors by giving them safe and comfortable places to sleep in Rosenberry Rooms’ selection of custom and personalized tents, teepees and sleeping bags.

Even if your family isn’t big on going camping, your kids can enjoy the spirit of the campfire when you buy them a fantastic play tent such as the Ryan or Sophia. These tents can give your children safe, shaded areas where they can play with their friends when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. You can also choose from a great selection of indoor tents and catch-all tote bags to help you easily bring them to family picnics and events!

Aside from inspiring the imagination with tales of the wild west, teepees make for convenient play areas that can be set up indoors or out! Whether they feature denim stripes, cotton candy swirls, or flower blossom graphics, these adorable teepees can serve not only as play areas, but also as storage for toys and games! If you want your children to keep their playroom tidy, they can simply store games and toys in their teepee, allowing them the ability to control some of their personal space.

If you’re going to purchase a teepee for your children, make careful consideration of whether you feel they’ll be using their teepee inside or outdoors – the fabrics used to make the outdoor teepees offered at Rosenberry Rooms are often UV resistant (meaning it will help reduce the chance of sunburn for those playing inside it), while the indoor fabrics do not always have this feature.

Before you start planning where to take your little cowboys, cowgirls and Indians for their big camping adventure – as far away as a national park, or as nearby as your family’s rec room – you’ll want them to have a fun and cozy sleeping bag to help keep them warm. Probably the most versatile of a child’s pieces of camping gear, our custom child sleeping bag comes in multiple designs and can be used for camping, sleepovers, and any night that requires a little adventure at bedtime! And for babies who may not yet be old enough to sleep on their own, infant and toddler sleeping bags in multiple patterns can make all the difference when bedtime approaches.

If you’re gearing up to take advantage of the great weather by camping, it doesn’t matter how near or far you pitch your tent. Just remember to bring warmth, the right gear, and an interest in the world around you when you and your family head out for any adventures.


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