Every Mom Should Have A…

Psst…hey, Mom! In among all the necessities you need for your new baby, have you thought about some of the essentials that can help take the some of the tedium and work out of your new role? You may not realize it, but there are plenty of ways to keep your baby happy and entertained, as well as products to help you cut back on the time you spend cleaning up after baby – as well as any other kids you have!

One of the products I think is a “must have” for almost anyone – not just new moms and dads – is a spill mat such as this large one with Blue Moroccan print. Rosenberry Rooms carries trendy and fun options which are sure to help you keep the inevitable “meal time messes” off of your floors. With different colors available to you, you can choose a spill and splat mat that suits your personal style and taste.

When your arms get tired and you want a break from carrying your baby around, you can find baby bouncers in many styles and colors as well as slings that will help take the weight off your arms and shoulders. Baby slings will help distribute the weight of your baby across your back and torso when you’re out with your baby, allowing you to keep your arms free, all the while allowing your baby to nestle in close to your chest. Baby bouncers give your child the opportunity to bounce and move themselves while they watch you and enjoy the relaxing bouncing sensation these pieces offer.

Any parent who’s tried to get their child to sleep knows that a rocking motion can help sooth baby’s mood and lull them into slumber, but sitting with your child in a rocking chair or taking them out for a drive (like my parents did for me!) takes a lot of time and effort – plus…what do you do when the car stops moving?! For the opportunity to help your child settle down so that you and your partner can have some grown-up time, check out the infant rockers on Rosenberry Rooms. You can choose a number of different designs, including tulips and fun turquoise patterns.

Lastly, lets focus on car seats. Two things I think of are the impossibility of keeping them clean and stain-free and how frustrating it can be when your second (or third,…) is a boy and your car seat is bright pink and purple check. A simple solution now exists that solved both of those problems, making it a definite must have for moms. Extra car seat covers in designer fabrics offer you the easy option to update the look of your car seat while making for easy laundering as well. Why not grab two so that you always have a fresh and clean place for baby’s next car ride?


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